Yoga & Spiritual Guru Raj Kumar Sharma ‘Shandilyae’s discourse on human journey from Satyug to Kalyug concludes


Mumbai:  Social organization ‘Shiva Gyan’ successfully organized a grand religious event at Siddharth Nagar, Goregaon (West),Mumbai on Thursday, 23 November 2017. The event was a spiritual discourse on human journey from Satyug to Kalyug, helmed by world renowned yoga and spiritual guru Raj Kumar Sharma ‘Shandilyae’. The guru addressed in his discourses to all the attendees and devotees about the human behavior from the two eras highlighting each and everything from education, eating habits, living, etc. and the changes thereon.

Yoga and spiritual guru Raj Kumar ‘Shandilyae’ said, “In today’s time yoga and spiritual attainment are necessary to cope up with the mental and physical stress. In earlier generation people used to eat ‘satvik’ kind of food and thus they build within them good thoughts and had all kinds of power within them. Then the people were wise but now that has changed. People have started eating non-vegetarian food and thus within they have become otherwise and is taking them towards destruction.”

The guru Shandilyae further added, “Earlier people used to take education in Gurukul and also learn Vedas and Shastra’s. Thus they had different moral strength and power to do goodness. Now in Kalyug, human being has forgotten himself and has become a machine. The emotion too is missing…. Earlier we remember our family and friend’s name, telephone number, address, birthdates, anniversaries, but now with technology, mobile phones, tablet, computer and other gadgets and apps has put a spanner to our memory. We have to depend on them to remember nos., addresses, birthdates, and anniversaries. Mankind has become obsessed with these things and is surrounded by mental and physical problems. Lord Shiva has made human beings. The creator has given him mind and wisdom and human beings are heading towards destruction. Thus by practicing yoga, chanting and meditation will control our mind and will ultimately guide us in the right direction.”


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