Xiaomi announces its 1000th service center in Hyderabad

Xiaomi announces its 1000th service center in Hyderabad

Hyderabad, June 2018: Xiaomi, India’s no.1 smartphone brand announced its 1000th service center today in Hyderabad, with service centers spread across more than 600 cities. Xiaomi also emerged as the industry leader in after sales service against other players, as per a report from Red Quanta*. These milestones successfully mark another step towards Xiaomi’s growing efforts to deliver high quality experience to its customers across India. The company also announced 500 authorised service centers for Mi TVs across India.

In June 2017, Xiaomi launched its 500th authorized service center in Bengaluru. Since then the company witnessed a substantial 100% growth in its service center initiatives, earning a Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) score of 86% with an industry Field Failure rate (FFR) at less than half of the industry average highlighting the impressive quality and reliability standards of the company’s devices. Furthermore, Xiaomi’s after sales team recorded an incredible Turn Around Time (TAT) with 95% cases resolved within 4-hour repair time and an average of 84% cases witnessed their issues resolved in just 2-hour repair time.

RedQuanta recently led an extensive market research of the top 10 brands in the industry and the efforts taken to build the service quality ecosystem. The report concluded that Xiaomi proved to be the leader in its after sales services for the customer. Customers appreciate early issue resolution as the imperative factor in their satisfaction with a brand. Xiaomi has emerged as a winner in this facet.

Xiaomi announces its 1000th service center in Hyderabad

Upon celebrating the 1000th service center, Manu Jain, Vice President, Xiaomi and Managing Director, Xiaomi India shared that, “At Xiaomi, our focus is on making innovation accessible to everyone. We make this happen by delivering best specs with high quality at an honest pricing. Therefore, we extend quality across all our pillars including customer service. As an internet company at heart, we continue to innovate across customer experience by offering efficient after sales solutions that promotes greater convenience and additional joy to our customers.”

Xiaomi announces its 1000th service center in Hyderabad

He added, “After sales is one of the most important functions in Xiaomi and it is the second biggest workforce in our India team. With over 6000 work force contributing to the service network, we are building a strong network of dedicated employees who are focused on providing the best quality to our customers”.

He said, in June 2017 we had 500 Service centers for mobiles and have added 600 more in the last one year, we are stringent on the quality of service rendered by these service centers and therefore shutdown 100 service center for nonperformance as per our standards and have only 1000 service centers now. These 1000 Service centers are across 600+ cities. We have 500 TV business Service Centers across 300+ cities. The combined 1500 Service centers make it the largest network in the country. One of the things which made us to excel in speedy servicing is availability of spare parts, we have two large warehouses exclusively for spare parts at Bangalore and Gurgaon and every single Service Center of ours has a small warehouse, because of which more than 98% of the time the spare part is available in the service center itself. None of the Service Centers is owned by Xiaomi, we work through multiple partners. According to IDC estimates, we sold 9 to 10 mn units every quarter in India for the last 3 quarters, almost all of this is sourced from our six factories across three locations in AP, Tamilnadu and Noida. We produce 2 phones per second at all six factories.  We have 7 models. Again, as per IDC our business has grown by 3X in India, but our offline has grown by 6X times, by next year we expect it to be 50-50. The Industry standard of mobiles sale is 1/3rd online and 2/3rd offline, we are other way round 2/3rd online and 1/3rd offline. TV is all imported and have 3 models.

Xiaomi India has introduced multiple initiatives which are inspired by the efficiency of internet and made the after sales service for Xiaomi users more enhanced, leading to a lower wait time, reduced TAT and higher CSAT. Few of these initiatives are:

Xiaomi announces its 1000th service center in Hyderabad

  1. E-token system which offers customers the privilege to save time and pre-book a visit to their nearest service centre on Mi.comor Mi Store app, thereby experiencing a 72% reduction in customer waiting time at the service centres within a year of its implementation.
  1. Online tracking which is found on Mi.com wherein customers with an ongoing request are able to track the status of their submitted device.
  2. TV installation e-services which prioritize customer preference by allowing them to pre-book their TV installation timings, instead of the usual practice of relying at a company’s behest.

Xiaomi also announced Redmi Y2 and MIUI 10 in Hyderabad. Redmi Y2 is a youth-focused smartphone with a 16MP AI selfie camera and 12MP + 5MP dual rear cameras, which showcase portrait photography. Powered by Qualcomm’s octa-core Snapdragon 625 processor, the smartphone offers a Full Screen Display and is available in 3GB + 32GB and 4GB + 64GB variants. It is priced starting from INR 9,999 and is available on Mi.com, Amazon and Mi Home stores.