World to witness large scale transformation and business boost, post covid-19


The events around the world seem to move in an intriguing and repetitive cycle. Here are some unmistakable instances: The first decade of this century, began with a recovery in the aftermath of dot com burst and twin-tower attacks, which was followed by a phenomenal growth phase on the back of surge in global outsourcing and smart digital technology. The decade however, closed with the crash on account of the GFC. The second
decade recovered gradually from GFC after-effects and rose gradually but strongly as ecommerce and logistics built strengths around the world.The decade, yet again, closed with slowdowns in trade-wars and localised liquidity issues in the last couple of years. Similarly, the current decade, is expected to deal with the negative start of the pandemic. Undeniably, COVOD-19 has been ravaging the globe right now, but being a biological & sociological crisis, the solutions will come from the scientific community. In due course, the societies and economies will tide over it. Much like earlier, we will have a wave of drivers to power
world businesses and economies. The leading role this time, is expected to be played by AI, Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics, Blockchain, Robotics,
etc., in creating economic growth around the world, as the decade progresses. Technology is also expected to radically shape workplaces faster than anticipated and in a more holistic and seamless manner.


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