Doga: Why Is It The Best Fitness Activity To Keep You And Your Dog In Shape?

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    Exercise sounds amazing, but when it comes to implementing it, most people get lazy. They always come with many excuses: it’s either too cold to jog outside, too hot to hike, and the like.

    How about we present you with an excuse to get your body moving? Introducing doga or dog yoga: an exciting way to get you and your pet moving in the comfort of your home. Paired with a balanced diet, you and your dog can stay in tip-top shape at home.

    And the best part about this? The benefits are twice as great! Both you and your pooch win from staying active together. So, to get you stretching on your yoga mat today, we’ve rounded up our favorite reasons why doga is the best fitness activity to do with your dog.

    It strengthens connection

    With the rising popularity of doga comes various misconceptions. The common misconception is that it requires a lot of work on your dog’s side.

    But the truth is, doga is about strengthening you and your pooch’s bond. Like yoga, it is a relaxation exercise that consists of light stretches, bonding, relaxing, massages, and being one with yourself.

    When your dog feels closer to you, they will feel more loved, relaxed, and enthusiastic. Trust that they will repay you with lots of cuddles!

    It helps maintain weight

    Any form of exercise, no matter how easy or demanding it might be, is a great way to help you and your dog stay in healthy shape. For example, spending 30 minutes on doga can help you and your furry companion combat obesity.

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    Obesity affects dogs just as much as it affects humans. It can lead to adverse health effects, such as reduced lifespan. Another way to reduce the risk of obesity is feeding your dog with premium dog food since some dog food ingredients contain chemical preservatives that contribute to weight gain.

    It helps relieve anxiety

    Have you ever had a bad day, and one look at your dog is all it took to wipe out the negative emotions away?

    Spending quality activity with your dog, such as doga helps relieve you and your dog’s mind from the stress, bad vibes, and negative energy. Since your four-legged companion loves being petted and touched, help your dog relax by touching the areas around their ears, on top of their head, and rubbing their belly. Doing so will also help you relax.

    For an added relaxation effect, you can add soft, quiet classical, or nature music to help reduce the levels of your stress hormones.

    It encourages socialization

    The current pandemic has left people lacking social interaction. Fortunately, doga is being offered in some yoga studios. If you are lucky to have a nearby yoga studio that provides doga sessions, this warm and welcoming environment provides a great avenue to connect with like-minded dog parents. Likewise, socially anxious dogs can also help overcome anxiety, nervousness, and develop their social skills—one stretch at a time. Don’t forget to bring dog treats to keep your pooch engaged in the activity!


    The greatest motivation to overcome workout laziness might just be sitting on your lap right now. Engage yourself and your dog in doga—an exciting way to meditate, bond, and exercise together. We hope these reasons are enough to get you off the couch today!

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