Mann ki baat: Narendra Modi emphasizes on water conservation


New Delhi: Prime minister Narendra Modi in his monthly radio address Mann ki baat emphasized on the need to conserve water.

His address comes at a time when several states in the country are battling a severe water crisis after back-to-back years of drought.

“If there are consecutive droughts, water reservoirs run dry. Due to encroachments, blocking there is less water storage. To tackle drought and water shortage, governments make efforts but I have observed that citizens make commendable effort,” Prime minister Modi said in his 30 minute address.

He said that clean drinking water helps to boost economic growth.

“The news of good rainfall also comes at a time when we must work towards water conservation. Why don’t we take steps so we are able to recharge water. Rain water harvesting would lead to village water staying in villages,” he said.

With only 3% water left in the dams of drought-hit Marathwada region, the Maharashtra government has banned the digging of borewells below 200 feet to check further depletion of ground water. In his speech, Modi praised the efforts of the railway ministry to provide water to Latur.

Water storage level in the week ended 21 April was 22% of total capacity of India’s reservoirs, according to the weekly status report released by the ministry of water resources.


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