Whitetopping – An Optimal Solution to Redefine Bhopal’s Roads


Whitetopping – An Optimal Solution to Redefine Bhopal’s Roads

Daily commuting for the citizens of Bhopal continues to deteriorate due to the increase in potholes and the lack of road maintenance. Worsening road infrastructure intensifies the negative impact on the residents’ lifestyle with the rise invehicular traffic and road accidents. This predicament prevails not only in Bhopal but all across India, with a number of accidents and deaths reported due to potholes on a regular basis.

Crucial stretches such as Minal to towards Raisen (JK Road) or Suraj Nagar Chouraha to NilbadRatibad in Bhopal, are a few examples that repeatedly face unpleasant commuter experience due to reoccurring of potholes and unsafe roads. Hence, it becomes vital to implement a technology that is durable and sustainable in nature and facilitates an enhanced commuter experience, whitetopping, in this respect, is the optimal solution to ensure safer and durable roads with minimum repairs over its entire lifecycle of 20 years. Stretches such as VIP Road or the side roads of BRTC Corridor (DB Mall to Misrod) are case studies that have been refurbished with whitetopping technology which has facilitated a smoother and safe commuter experience for the citizens

The technology has gained widespread popularity and public acceptance due to its holistic benefits, such as being environmentally friendly and highly economical during its lifecycle, which provides pothole-free roads for over 20 years. Whitetopping requires much less maintenance and as such involves much less frequent lane closures of road, as compared to bituminous surfaces. This solution has been implemented across major cities in India, which has proved to be a significant game-changer for ensuring pothole-free roads.

Across India, over 1000km of Whitetopping projects have been successfully completed, including construction in major cities such as Mumbai, Thane, Nagpur, Pune, Bengaluru, Kanpur among others.

Sh. Bhishma Kumar Chugh, National Level Project Monitor, Govt. of. India – Ministry of Road Transport & Highway; Former Director General, CPWD, Ministry of Urban Development, Govt. of India, states that “Whitetopping is widely known to be highly sustainable and economical in nature. With a lifecycle of over 20 years, whitetopping facilitates pothole-free roads with minimum repair required. This has been one of the main reasons behind the high degree of acceptance by the citizens for the technology, given the holistic benefits on offer. With the vehicular population increasing on a gradual basis, whitetopping provides a complete solution to India’s poor urban road infrastructure.”


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