Wheat procurement at support price begins

Wheat procurement at support price begins

Bhopal : March , 2019 : Procurement of wheat on support price from farmers has begun. In the first two days itself, 5 thousand quintals of wheat has been purchased from 119 farmers. Preparations are underway for procurement of gram, lentil and mustard along with wheat on e-procurement portal from the registered farmers in Rabi marketing year 2019-20.

Only FAQ wheat is to be procured according to the criteria set by the Government of India. Therefore, it is being ensured by the state government that the farmers and committees are aware of FAQ. In this context the farmers are being informed that they should bring their produce after using fan-strainer and drying it properly. According to FAQ level fixed by Government of India, mixture of Khesari / Tivda in gram is not accepted. Hence, the farmers have been urged to bring only good quality gram for procurement. It has also been appealed that in order to avoid inconvenience, farmers should try to bring their produce for weighing only after receiving the SMS.

Wheat procurement at support price begins

More centres for wheat procurement than last year

More procurement centres have been set up for wheat procurement compared to last year. For the convenience of farmers, special care has been taken about the number, quantity and distance while fixing the centres. Effective arrangements have also been made in the Mandis for purchase of wheat. Arrangements are being made for time-bound payment to farmers, including storage.

source: mpinfo.org

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