What’s new in Season 2 of Sony SAB’s BaalveerReturns


The mystical journey of Baalveer is all set to enthrall fans yet again as Sony SAB gets ready to launch Season 2 of its exceptional fantasy drama Baalveer Returns from August 26th at 8 PM. As the new season introduces the splendour of the underwater world for the first time on Indian television, here is why the viewers should not miss the new season-

· The grandeur of the underwater world

The new season of Baalveer Returns brings for its viewers a never-seen-before magnanimous underwater world. This magical world will have Baambaal as its ruler who wants to kill Baalveer to advance his motives of ruling the underwater world. Baalveer will go out of his way to defeat evils and save the humanity, unfolding the spectacular sight of the underwater world. The show promises action-packed sequences blended with unimaginable superpowers to keep viewers intrigued.

· Baalveer’s new Competitor – Ray

Caught in a dilemma between the good and bad, Ray blames Baalveer for the downfall of their family and wants to avenge his father’s death. Ray is young, charismatic and handsome but there is more to him than meets the eye. To take revenge from Baalveer, Ray takes admission in the same college as Debu and Ananya.

· A story of desire and youthfulness

The story of Season 2 advances with the setting of a college and brings the element of youthfulness to the story as Debu(aka Baalveer) and Ananya step in to their college life. With his newfound inclination towards Ananya, Debu takes admission in the same college as hers. The story takes a turn as Ray enters the same college with a desire to take revenge from Baalveer.

· New characters

The underwater world introduces several new characters each possessing extraordinary powers that are bound to mesmerize the viewers. Baalveer Returns Season 2 enjoys the stellar cast including Vimarsh Roshan portraying Baambaal, a power-hungry antagonist who eyes the throne of King Varun. Viewers will also see Digvijay Purohit as King Varun, SaarikaRaghwa as Baambaal’s daughterRitwika and Shweta Khanduri as Baambaal’s loyalist, Milsa amongst others.


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