What is this BS (Bharat Stage) in terms of vehicles?


Have you ever noticed BS3 vehicles or BS 4 vehicle while buying a vehicle or in news. Often you will hear BS-2 vehicles, BS-3 vehicles and BS-4 vehicles. But do you know what these numbers mean?

Bharat Stage or BS emissions are those standards which have been established by the Government of India related with emission by a vehicle. The amount of air pollution caused by motor vehicles is categorized by this emission standard. Bharat Stage-6 (or BS-6) emission rules will be effective from April 1, 2020.

These emission standards were set by the central government to keep a check on the pollutant levels emitted by vehicles that use combustion engines. To bring them into force, the Central Pollution Control Board sets timelines and standards which have to be followed by automakers.

The higher the number of BS means better standards of emission, which are environmentally friendly. In India, BS is used to measure the pollution of vehicles.

The larger number written in front of BS is likely to be less harmful emission from vehicle. This BS standards are regulates in India by central pollution control board. it is necessary for all vehicles running on road that it meets all these standards  of BS stages.

Recently BS-6 standard vehicles selling and deadlines of implementation in India is

Also, the BS norms are based on European emission norms which, for example, are referred to in a similar manner like ‘Euro 4’ and ‘Euro 6’. These norms are followed largely by all automakers across the globe and act as a good reference point as to how much does a vehicle pollute.


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