Branded Podcasts: How to tune in with your customers by breaking through the noise


Authored article by Mr Sahil Chopra, Founder & CEO- iCubesWire

What if I told you there is a way to distinguish your voice through the noise of your brand market? The simple answer to your complicated marketing gimmicks is Podcasts.

Yes, you heard it right, it’s podcasts. Podcasting is not just any other aspect of digital content marketing, it in fact has the power to generate and increase customer engagement and brand visibility fueled by customer trust, retention and ownership towards the brand. A podcast is like a conversation, and with brands, it’s the one which you have with your customers. The biggest advantage of podcasts is the medium, it allows us to listen to them anywhere, anytime and while doing anything. 

It gives other forms of medium like video marketing and blogs a run for its money as viewer retainment is a genuine struggle, and it yields a low conversion rate. Brands have an established brand story that they often fail to convey, but with podcasts, you can easily target your ideal customer as they will only choose to listen to one that strikes their interest. Make a note that your podcasts shouldn’t merely revolve around your brand but also with the queries associated with it.

Earlier people only believed in renting spaces for their audiences to make their brand visible in their respective brand campaigns, they would often buy their spots with ads but not own that space and end up being just a drop in the ocean full of media ads bugging customers now and then without creating anything of value for their customers.

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Now audio ads leading to specific podcasts, especially on Spotify, grant you certain premium features for a limited time frame but do customers see eye to eye to such ads? Some brands manage to have excellent brand retainment and recallment with such ads and it plays in their favour. This is often achieved with engaging brand storytelling wherein brands create an unparalleled offering that their customer actively seeks out. Such content is appreciated by customers and not skipped through as an interruption.

The challenge lies in creating that and leveraging podcasts as a powerful arsenal in your brand strategy. You can always look for inspiration by engaging with your customers in an offline setup or sending out emailers/surveys to help you decipher topics to include in your episodes. The key is to be as honest as required to add that personalized touch to your content.

But why are podcasts a raging trend? In 2021, digital audio was noted as one of the fastest-growing media with a sector record of a growth of 40 % during the pandemic. According to PwC’s Global Entertainment & Media Outlook 2020 report, India is the third-largest consumer of podcasts with 57.6 million monthly listeners.

Podcasting allows brands to harness the power of voice by evoking unprecedented emotions of their listens and thereby curating a more immersive and solitary experience. Brands relying on these means need to understand that engagement should be their end goal and not just reach as it does not ensure any conversion.

To create a successful brand podcast you need to be able to cast a spell on your customers by painting a brand image in their minds with the theatrics of the sound that is both vivid and impactful, creating a cohesive space for both the brand and its listeners, average customer retention on a good brand podcast is a whopping 80-95%.

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 “.future” by Microsoft is one of the most successful applications of branded podcasting. It explores neo technologies and how Microsoft is impacting lives and the future we’re always in anticipation of.

It is a fact backed by countless surveys that brands that include social messaging often do well with GenZs. Podcasts are a great way to deliver woke messages as they use the medium of speech, which time and again has been the most effective tool in delivering strong messages.

Bumble introduced its very own podcast, “Is Romance Dead?” as a way to talk to its users about the humane way of dating with references from classic literature that was once a love handy book for our old-school audience.

Even McDonalds’, the world’s biggest fast-food joint produced its very own podcast “The Sauce” in 2018 to address a public relations problem due to the limited distribution of one of their popular sauces. Podcasts when paired with your brand strategies have the power to do what most brands fail, building a unique relationship with your customer. Creating an engaging podcast is difficult but once considered and reflected upon, it can create something of real value and get your brand the visibility it deserves. Investing in the right tools and starting with baby steps and developing your branded podcast over time is one way to ensure long-term retainment.