WayPay Announces its Limited Presale of the $WPAY Token to


London, UK, March 23, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — As the future of rebase tokens, WayPay said they are limiting the presale tokens to give early investors the best returns on their investment at a sustainable level. It allows the early investors that want to invest in their early projects and purchase $WPAY tokens without purchasing tax and affordable rates. WayPay presale will be organised mainly for the marketing and token launch, and 80% will be used simply for the marketing of the token launch to make this launch incredible. The presale will be open until the Set Amount Cap is hit $100,000 BUSD.

WayPay offers a decentralised financial resource that rewards users with a sustainable fixed-interest model with anti-dump protection on the market. The platform delivers the sustainable fixed APY, paid at regular intervals by the token. Afterwards, the investors can see their accounts grow on the WayPay state-of-the-art DAPP dashboard. 

The platform allows the users to get started with WayPay by following the steps in the white paper:

The community, albeit small know that buying at these 60% discounted prices in the presale is a sure way to enter the next bull mark on a high.

“One of the founders Meitu said the exciting thing about WayPay is we offer what 99% of projects don’t and that is quarterly reports and clarity on their funds just like a regulated hedge fund, That mixed in with the high returns for people that keep their funds in their account for long periods is key for investors to see good returns”.

WayPay aims to establish itself as the leading crypto rebase platform beating the big players like TITANO, SAFUU ect by being the only one that has a truly diverse ecosystem of earnings to make the project profitable, not just relying on ponzinomics to rob peter to pay Paul. , offering users the ability to track and manage their investment with their own account dashboard on the DAPP and with regular AMA’s and the top investors get to vote on some of the decisions in the project. 

In 2023 they announced their plans to further develop their play-to-earn and NFTs arm in order to take a slice of the market in the far east where play-to-earn is a boom.

With support from prominent investors, WayPay is one of the few projects starting with no debt and all early investment goes straight to marketing and further building the project, the investors get there returns from the tax on sales. 

This allows WayPay to have an edge with self-sustained funds.

About WayPay: 

WayPay is a well-known decentralised platform that is the future of rebase tokens and a new self-sustainable protocol on the market. The WayPay provides a decentralised monetary resource that rewards users with sustainable interest in the market via its ecosystem

Investment fund

Play 2 Earn


Gaming Token

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