Uttar Pradesh govt won’t hike power tariff, will check theft instead, says minister


Ballia: Uttar Pradesh government will not burden consumers by increasing power tariff and look for other means to overcome losses, state’s power minister Shrikant Sharma said.

“Yogi (Adityantah) government will not put additional burden on consumers by increasing power tariff and instead put check on power theft and irregularities in order to meet the losses worth Rs21,000 crore in this sector,” Sharma said during a programme in Ballia on Wednesday night.

Reiterating the resolve of the state government to provide 24 hour power supply by 2018, Sharma stressed that it will take good care of honest consumers. “Round-the-clock power will be supplied after a review of consumers on power feeders reporting line loss of less than 10%,” he said.

Referring to various works being done by the Adityantah government on this front, Sharma said electricity has reached 18,000 hamlets, 8,000 transformers have been upgraded and 5.68 lakh new power connections have been given.

Sharma claimed that in the coming two years, the UP government will work towards transforming Uttar Pradesh into a leading state in power sector.

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