Upstox saved Investor’s Rs.400 Crore brokerage cost in a year


Upstox saved Investor’s Rs.400 Crore brokerage cost in a year

Mumbai, 17 Sept, 2019: India’s fastest growing brokerage house Upstox has conducted an interesting study and the result is something every investor should know. The study reveals that in a year, Rs. 400 crores of brokerage was saved by 2,50,000 investors using Upstox.

Upstox is consistently working towards making the trading faster and smarter for the seasoned investors with paperless account opening, easy on pocket & innovative brokerage plans. An investor pays an average of 0.085% of the trading amount on Intraday trades and 0.35% on Delivery trades to traditional broker. However, with Upstox, an investor pays a maximum of up to Rs. 20 per trade (for Intraday, F&O, Commodities and Currencies) and enjoys free delivery trades.

About this development, Puneet Maheshwari, Director – Upstox, said, “We have continuously worked towards making our platform more inclusive, useful, and affordable to every investor class. And we are really happy to see that the 2.5 lakh traders who trusted us saved 400 crores in last one year. We have observed that costs and complexities involved in stock market participation have been some of the biggest deterrents for investors. With our technological-edge, we aim to reach out to all investors across
the country and provide them cost-effective trading solutions.”

Along with benefits like free delivery trades and maximum brokerage of Rs. 20 per trade, Upstox’s cutting-edge charting tools (100+) and indicators (250+) makes it easy for customers to take informed decisions. This September, Upstox is offering a unique proposition for investors: a Free trading and Demat Account worth Rs. 550/- to customers along with benefits worth Rs. 28,000/- from its exclusive partners Orostocks, Tavaga & Advisory Mandi.


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