Uber should add electric cabs to its fleet to solve Delhi’s pollution woes: Gadkari


Underlining usage of electric and bio-fuel run vehicles to curb pollution woes, especially in Delhi/NCR, union transport minister for road transport, Nitin Gadkari, on Tuesday urged cab aggregator Uber to introduce electric fleet in the region.

“Delhi’s chief minister and transport minister came to me and we collectively decided to improve the situation of public transport in the capital and our priority is electric transport,” Gadkari said adding, “I would urge Uber to have electric cars and bikes (in its fleet) to promote bio fuel”.

Gadkari was speaking at an event organised by Uber to launch is road safety campaign. He said that pollution was a “big concern” for the capital, caused by reasons including vehicular pollution.

“I don’t have to tell how big a concern pollution is for Delhi… We are switching to Bharat Stage (BS) VI from April 1, 2020, skipping BS V… First in the world, to highlight how big problem pollution is for us,” he said.

Urging cab aggregator Uber to add electric cabs to its fleet, Gadkari said that the company could choose to add “flex-engine” based cars and bikes to its fleet.

“If you can run flex-engine based bikes, you can add to employment while solving the problem of pollution,” he said.

The union minister further had recently tested flex-engine based bikes by auto-major Bajaj that could run on petrol and ethanol.

He said that refineries in Mathura and Punjab were now capable of producing BS VI based fuel, while ethanol was available at large scale in Uttar Pradesh.moneycontrol