Turning Your Photography Hobby Into A Business

By Our Guest Blogger Ian Pearson

For many, photography is a hobby. It can be rewarding to capture a special moment or family event. However, for some it is a passion. If you have always had a passion for photography but simply never imagined it could get you anywhere, start simple and can prove yourself wrong.

Know Your Passion

You know yourself better than anyone else. You understand that, although photography has always been a hobby, you could ideally turn your passion into a career. If you are the type who have always had a camera in their hands, ready for that ideal shot, consider turning your hobby into a small business.

Ask yourself if you are ready to embark on not just a journey to create a professional life from your hobby, and if you are prepared for all the aspects of business. Ask yourself if you are ready for freelancing, because the instability of the pay can be worrisome. It may seem daunting at first, but if you are truly passionate about photography, it will be worth it.


Take time to become educated on the latest photography equipment, techniques, as well as technology in the field. Do your research, because a camera and its accessories are light news compared to which studio equipment is best and which professional techniques are currently being used. Education is a great way to go when it comes understanding the field in which you are breaking into, and to not only show passion but your willingness to learn and grow.

Some start with an arts degree, and some start with an MBA and a digital camera. Learn about the industry inside and out, and understand what you are truly going to be stepping into when turning your photography hobby into a business. Research, research, research – know where to begin, know where you’re going!

Show Off Your Talent

When consumers choose to purchase your services, they are ultimately coming to you from positive recommendations. It may take time for your to establish this connection into turning your photography hobby into a business.

You know your strengths, and you know very well what you are best at. If you have a particular passion for photographing family portraits, make sure that your portfolio reflects this specialization. If you show off what you are truly passionate about, where your talent truly is, it will show.

You may be tempted to look other more established photographers for direct inspiration, but you should find that your uniqueness and strengths are what you really need to focus on. Show off YOUR talent!

Start Small

After you’ve done your research and have decided to press onward, it becomes about expanding your portfolio and your experience in the field.

If you are ready to take step into self employment, you should know where to start. You might consider an internship, or pursue freelancing opportunities. Internships typically do not pay much if at all, and freelancing can be spotty from month to month.

Remember, don’t quit your steady paycheck. Allow change to be gradual. Build an online presence, do not rush to build a professional studio just yet, set firm rates, and most of all, give it time. Photography is already your passion – your business will grow around it!

Grow with Your New Business

Do your research well, and get ready to turn devotion to a hobby into a professional endeavor! Work through any fears that you may have, and remember that this is really what you want to do. Remember, you have the talent to make it and deserve to have a career that you are in love with – work through it and you will find success.