Top 10 films which made Sridevi the Bollywood icon she is


New Delhi: Actor par excellence, dancer extraordinaire and possibly the only among her contemporaries to master a comic timing, Sridevi leaves behind a void impossible to fill. Here are 10 cinematic milestones worth revisiting today.

Sridevi died of a cardiac arrest in Dubai in the wee hours of Sunday. She is survived by Boney Kapoor, and daughters Khushi and Jhanvi Kapoor.

1. Thunaivan (1969): Sridevi plays Lord Muruga in the devotional film shot in both black-and-white and Eastman colour.

2. Moondram Pirai (1982): Balu Mahendru’s immortal classic features Sridevi as a woman who regresses to childhood after a car accident and Kamal Haasan as a kind school teacher who takes her in. It was remade in Hindi as Sadma.

3. Himmatwala (1983): K.Raghavendra Rao’s musical blockbuster co-starring Jeetendra brought Sridevi to the notice of Hindi-speaking audiences and earned her the infamous “Thunder Thighs” title.

Nagina (1986): By the mid-1980s, Sridevi had firmly established herself as a bankable star in Bollywood. Harmesh Malhotra’s tale of a shape-shifting woman was ample proof.

Mr India (1987): Bollywood’s iconic superhero film featured a relatively unknown cast with only one marquee name to bolster it. Sridevi plays an idealistic reporter helping the invisible man on the job who eventually falls in love with him.

Chaalbaaz (1989): In Pankaj Parashar’s comedy, Sridevi plays twins separated at birth: a simpleton tormented by her relatives and a street-smart dancer. The film that brought her incomparable comic timing to the fore remains one of her best recognised performances.

Chandni (1989): Yash Chopra’s romantic drama made Sridevi what she was meant to be: the top female star of her time. A full-bloodied singing, dancing spectacle, it was the hugest commercial blockbuster of the year.

Kshana Kshanam (1992): Sridevi plays a petty thief in Ram Gopal Varma’s Telugu-language road thriller. The sleeper hit won her much acclaim.

Lamhe (1991): Yash Chopra’s coming-of-age romantic film may have been a commercial failure at the time of release but has gained cult status since. Sridevi plays an older woman a young Anil Kapoor is besotted with. Many years later, she’s also the woman’s daughter in love with an older Kapoor.

English Vinglish (2012): Sridevi made a much anticipated comeback in Gauri Sinde’s comedy drama about a middle-aged woman discovering herself after several years of marriage and a language handicap.livemint