This new app can track whether your partner is cheating on you


As everything goes digital, finding a date inconspicuously while using popular dating apps like Tinder is a common practice, whether one is single or in a monogamous relationship.

However, all of that could now change. A new app, called Swipebuster, allows anyone to search for someone on Tinder and see when they last swiped, a report in The Independent states.

In addition to that, the app also tells the exact time the app was last accessed by the user.

The app is premium and comes at a cost of USD 6.99 for three searches.

The procedure is pretty simple. For conducting a search, one has to only enter their name, age and location of the person they are tracking.

The app is designed to track only the information on Tinder that has already been made public.

If the person being searched for is using Tinder away from where he/she lives then it becomes harder for the app to track their profile, as the location is one of the key search parameters.

As per a report in The Sun, the app’s algorithm may not be perfect yet as it allows some of the active users to slip through. Search accuracy tends to rely most on how precise the location details are.


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