Things to Consider Before Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery
By Our Guest Blogger Ian Pearson
Plastic surgery is on the rise; in fact it has become one of the most common elective surgeries around the world. For over a century, surgeons and doctors have been working to improve the safety and diminish the side effects of surgery, in general, and plastic surgery in particular. There has never been a safer or better time to get cosmetic surgery done than today. It is, however, still invasive surgery and there are risks and potential complications that should be considered before having an irreversible surgical procedure.

There are many things to think through before letting the scalpel touch you. Once the procedure has been completed, it’s too late to back out. Research your options and questions before ever speaking with your surgeon. Talk to your family and friends, the days when cosmetic surgery was something to hide are in the past.

1. There may be an alternative

Many minor signs of aging can be corrected with less invasive, non-surgical procedures. Acupuncture, facial massage and exercise can all serve to flatten out small wrinkles and give your skin a healthier tone. Many times that is all that is necessary to make you look younger and fit. Plastic surgery has risks involved – although these risks have diminished over the years – but once done, it cannot be undone.

2. The risk is still there

All surgeries have a risk. The possibility of infections, reactions to anesthetic and bleeding problems are relatively common to all surgical procedures. Plastic surgery adds a number of different risks on top of these. Nerve damage, scarring and organ damage are just a number of rare, but possible, risks involved with plastic surgery.

Discuss these, and other, potential risks with your surgeon before committing to any procedure. A qualified and experienced plastic surgeon will do everything in their power to minimize these risks, but some will remain.

3. Plastic surgery is not cheap (and you should be frightened if it is)

Normally, you cannot use insurance to pay for a cosmetic surgical procedure. Since even the simplest of these surgeries will cost several thousand dollars, you will have to either have the money to pay for it out of pocket or finance the procedure. Make sure that you can afford to pay for the surgery before going in.

Avoid cheap plastic surgery. Saving a dollar now can cost a lot more down the road. Part of the reason that good cosmetic surgery is expensive is because of the training the surgeons have to go through; part of it is in the quality of material they use in the procedure. A dollar saved used inferior tools and going through unqualified surgeons will cost you a lot more later.

4. Your expectations should be realistic

Cosmetic surgery can reduce the physical aspects of aging, but it won’t make you successful or popular. Plastic surgery is not the cure-all for all of the problems you might be having. What it can do is remove wrinkles and deep creases, tighten skin and remove sagging.

Plastic surgery will also not last forever. Although current techniques can hold back the aging look for a while. It is not a permanent change. Depending on the procedure you are getting, the results might last anywhere from a year to a decade or more.

An open, honest dialogue will ensure that your doctor knows what you expect and what is reasonable. Once those two views are aligned, then you can go forward with the procedure.

5. There will be scars

A good plastic surgeon can minimize the scarring the procedure will cause and most of those scars can be hidden from casual observation. There is no such thing as ‘scar less surgery.’ Go over the procedures with your doctor and make sure you know where the scars will be and the steps the surgeon will take to hide them.

6. Following up

In a perfect world, having your cosmetic surgery would be the end of the story, but in real life, there are many situations that will require multiple operations. Although this follow up surgery might be minor, the risks inherent in all surgeries will still be there. Talk to your surgeon about the likelihood of needing follow up surgery, the amount of time it will take to heal from the procedures and the cost of all the procedures.

Once you have gotten good answers to all of these points, you are ready for cosmetic surgery. Although any surgical procedure is inherently dangerous, qualified and skilled surgeons will do everything in their power to ensure your cosmetic procedure is the highest quality it can be.

If you are looking for plastic surgery in Sydney, there are many qualified surgeons with extensive practices that can accommodate whatever you want. As long as your expectations are realistic you should enjoy the younger look you achieve for many years to come.



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