5 most explosive characters to watch out for on ALTBalaji!


The year 2021 saw a whole lot of explosive entertainment from ALTBalaji. There was action, adventure, drama, comedy, edge-of-the-seat thrillers, movies and a whole lot more that catered to viewing palettes across the spectrum. Viewers got to catch a glimpse of new seasons of shows they have loved along with some piping hot new shows as well. While the stories did make a mark on the viewers, it was the explosive characters that stayed with them and kept them wanting for more. Going over 2021, here are the five most explosive characters from the ALTBalaji originals that viewers couldn’t get enough of this year…

1. Mr. Faisu as Raghu from Bang Baang: With his effortless swag and a roguish charm, Mr. Faisu aka Raghu spread his magic all-around much to the annoyance of Meera. While their chemistry was much appreciated, it was Raghu with his devil-may-care attitude and the ability to look in the eye of the storm and smile, was what made him one of the most explosive characters in the stable of ALTBalaji in 2021.

2. Parth Samthaan aka Nawab from Mai Hero Boll Raha Hu: Never have dreaded gangsters appeared so cool and dashing as Parth Samathaan’s Nawab in the gangster-thriller. Be it during nerve-wracking car chases, climatic shootouts or his old-fashioned love story with Laila, Nawab remains cool as a cucumber yet explosively dangerous. Once viewers saw him in the role, they equated his badassery with Shah Rukh Khan from Raees and his swag with the Professor from Money Heist. One for the books, our Nawab aka Hero!

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3. Tanuj Virwani aka Major Bhau from Cartel: A retired army officer turned gangster, Major Bhau’s character from Cartel was much appreciated for his power-packed performance. The ease with which he pulled off the complex character was a joy to behold. In the world of Cartel when one could trust no one, you could definitely depend on Major Bhau to do what is right. His thirst for vengeance of his mother’s killers resulted in some truly explosive moments for the screen.

4. Rithvik Dhanjani aka Abhay Angre from Cartel: In his debut on OTT, Rithvik Dhanjani as Abhay Aangre showed what cold fury is made of. Be it while partying or while slaying his enemies, Abhay exudes a sinister vibe that makes you take him extremely seriously. Viewers loved his ferocity and his character graph as a man blinded by ambition and hate. With fans raving to watch more of this character, Abhay is as explosive as any antagonist has ever been!

5. Ruhi Singh aka Meera from Bang Baang: Matching Raghu’s antics with her on point arguments is Meera, a dedicated firebrand cop who will stop at nothing to solve the case that she is after. A gun-toting, bike riding daredevil, Meera has some of the best lines in the show. Ruhi Singh clearly outdid herself when it came to the fighting scenes and her acting chops, too, were top notch. Explosive as live dynamite, this one!