Cricket Association of Bengal & BCCI set precedence in Music Licensing, IPRS welcomes move


    The woes of unfair pay and unfair play of music are often left unresolved in our country. Empowered by the Copyright Law of India itself, The Indian Performing Right Society Limited (“IPRS”), the representative body of composers, lyricists, and owner publishers of music, are delighted to announce the recent move by Cricket Association of Bengal (“CAB”) & BCCI. The organizers of the T20 match, between India vs. West Indies at The Eden Gardens, Kolkata. CAB & BCCI have partnered with IPRS, taking the necessary measures and complying with IPRS licensing norms for the sports event.

    Commenting on this, leading music composer, songwriter, and singer Anupam Roy said, “We all love music, and we know that whenever we are playing music, it is someone’s creation. IPRS is an authorized body that collects royalties on behalf of songwriters, music directors/composers and owner publishers who are its members. So, I would request everyone in a public event, where you are playing music, to procure a music license. That’s how you would be supporting music and the musicians.” 

    While applauding this move Mr. Rakesh Nigam, CEO of IPRS said, “We welcome and appreciate this positive step taken by CAB & BCCI for the cricket series at Eden Gardens. Through our various campaigns at the IPRS, we try to spread the word about the need to support music and its creators, and we only hope this step is going to be a significant move towards many more such events.”

    The organizers of the T20 match ensured to take all the necessary licenses required for the matches, setting a positive message and precedence for others in the industry. The team at IPRS hopes that this move taken by CAB & BCCI will lay a foundation for the rest to follow their footsteps and to ensure that the rights of music creators and owners are duly protected and they are rightly compensated for their creation & music.