The Claridges, New Delhi Sets a New Benchmark with Exclusive Food Concierge Service


New Delhi, May 2024 – In a pioneering move, The Claridges, New Delhi, has launched an exclusive Food Concierge Service, setting a new standard in the hospitality industry. This innovative service, the first of its kind in the Delhi/NCR region, aims to enhance the dining experiences of its guests by offering personalized culinary guidance.

Known for its luxurious ambiance and exceptional service, The Claridges has always been a front-runner in hospitality. With the introduction of the Food Concierge Service, the hotel takes its commitment to excellence a step further, offering a tailored dining journey amidst Delhi’s diverse and rich culinary landscape.

The Food Concierge Service is designed to be a trusted guide for guests exploring the city’s gastronomic offerings. A dedicated Food and Beverage Concierge will assist guests in navigating the best dining spots, from hidden local gems to exclusive fine-dining experiences. This personalized approach ensures that guests’ culinary desires are met with precision and expertise.

The core of the service lies in its ability to cater to individual preferences and occasions. Whether it’s finding a perfect venue for a romantic dinner, uncovering authentic regional cuisines, or arranging a private wine-tasting session, the Food Concierge is equipped to provide bespoke recommendations. Beyond just suggesting restaurants, the concierge handles reservations, organizes unique dining experiences, and addresses special requests, ensuring a seamless and memorable dining adventure.

Efficiency and proactive follow-up are hallmarks of the service. The concierge team is dedicated to resolving any issues that may arise during guests’ culinary explorations. Feedback is actively sought after each dining experience, allowing continuous enhancement of services to better meet guests’ needs.

This service reflects a collaborative effort between the Food Concierge and the broader hospitality team at The Claridges, ensuring a cohesive and exceptional guest experience. The launch of the Food Concierge Service is accompanied by a range of promotions at the hotel’s food and beverage outlets. Additionally, an exclusive F&B membership is available, offering further privileges and benefits to guests.

The Claridges, New Delhi, through this innovative service, reaffirms its position as a leader in luxury hospitality, continually striving to provide unparalleled service and unforgettable experiences. The Food Concierge Service is set to transform the way guests explore and enjoy Delhi’s vibrant culinary scene.


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