The Chinese Cosmetic Brand OSM (OuShiMan) Ushers in a New Era With the First Blockchain Beauty Product ‘Made in Deqing’


The Chinese Cosmetic Brand OSM (OuShiMan) Ushers in a New Era With the First Blockchain Beauty Product ‘Made in Deqing’

“Made in Deqing” is the world’s first-ever blockchain beauty product for the real economy fitting with Chinese tech trend advancements.

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updated: Jan 14, 2020

As a leader in the pearl-based cosmetic industry, Zhejiang OSM (OuShiMan) Group has taken the lead in the technological innovation of the cosmetics industry to create the world’s first blockchain beauty product series named Made in Deqing. This advancement is in keeping with Chinese President Xi Jinping’s grand blueprint for China’s blockchain technology.

Since 2018, OSM has explored building new models, establishing new systems, and applying new technologies to build a new supply chain by promoting intelligent logistics, intelligent manufacturing, and intelligent management. In 2019, the company utilized these lessons and their platform to take action to bring blockchain industry products to life.

According to OSM’s General Manager, Weixin Shen, the continued economic growth and population expansion have ushered in the golden age of the cosmetics industry, as well as standardizing the industry and increasing product safety to an unprecedented new height. The exploration and application of digital technology by OSM has created a “one yard”, “one source”, “one chain”, and “one platform” digital technology means, enabling an efficient and convenient production and operation model. At the same time, blockchain technology can facilitate raw materials procurement, product production, sales, circulation, and purchase more open and transparent.

Senior Blockchain Architect, Wang Yingshuai, explained that one code, one source, one chain, and one platform makes it possible to use one medium such as QR codes or chips to record key information sources related to a product. Relevant technology supports the formation of a complete chain of credible value transfer between products and consumers, and the creation of a multi-dimensional integrated ecological platform that integrates customers, manufacturers, and supply chains.

“In the future, blockchain technology will give ‘life and soul’ to each product made by OSM, helping it to improve product quality and output while building a full life cycle quality management system for pearl biological products and realize two-way transmission of product data. The outcome will reshape a new business model and bring about the digitalization of the industry,” explained Shen Weiliang, general manager of OSM biosciences.

With the continuous deepening of blockchain technology in the entire process of OSM’s product manufacturing, it will definitely create achievements and advance OSM’s “Pearl Dream, National Dream, Century Dream!”

About Ou Shuman Group

Ou Shuman Group, a top 10 Chinese cosmetic company, is dedicated to pearl based cosmetic products, from pearl breeding, scientific research, processing, sales, to pearl cultural tourism, while continuously exploring ways to integrate digital technology and blockchain technology into the transformation of products and industries.

Source: Zhejiang OSM (OuShiMan) Group

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