‘Send Me As Many Restless Minds As Possible And See The IMPACT’ – Says Daaji


The 15th Annual Global Health Care Summit under the aegis of AAPI (American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin) was held between 5-7 January at Avasa Hotel in Hyderabad which saw the participation of leading physicians of Indian origin in America. The inaugural ceremony had the privilege of having the Hon’ble Vice President of India Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu as the Chief Guest. The theme of the event was bringing about holistic health and taking preventive measures on a large scale, timely intervention, handling mental health, and the latest trends in Medical Sciences. Having Heartfulness as part of the event was to receive guidance in terms of mind-over-body and help individuals garner benefits through spiritual training. On the occasion, Guide of Heartfulness – Daaji shared his nuggets of wisdom and threw light on how to strike the balance in life for a healthier and more fulfilling happier life.

Daaji beautifully brought the analogy between yoga and medicine while addressing the medical community. “Yoga means to unite. The term religion – a derivative of ‘ligare’ or ligament – is to unite with God. Although Yoga empowers a person to be the witness while very much being part of one’s normal day-to-day lives and yet remain unalloyed. Yoga gives happiness, health, bliss, and beyond which are permanent unlike the temporary joys of the mundane world. Yoga also serves as a tool for one to experience the Divine. It is unlike religion where the belief of God is indoctrinated to a point where the child grows up with the idea but never experiences the truth within himself.”

Daaji threw light on how mental illnesses are rampant these days and that there is a dire need to tackle them. Yoga helps in the prevention of mental illnesses. It also is used as a tool to invite a noble soul in the womb at conception in a way that the child not only grows to be spiritual but also succeeds in the material world. “I don’t recommend meditation for a severe case of depression because such a mind will constantly gravitate towards the problem. Instead, we advise the person to relax and get good sleep as a trainer from Heartfulness will help the person through yogic methods. One can notice a big change in just one month.”

He also explained that regular meditation helps one to develop a state of mind that is not rattled by situations. At the same time, one’s perception and sensitivity grow, and yet one remains placid away from any sorrow. Talking about the three mental states -open-eye state, dream state, and deep sleep state- Daaji also drew parallels to how medical science too suggests that the deep sleep state with delta waves are the calmest akin to a meditative state of mind. He also explained that a family is the first testing ground to make peace before spreading peace around the world. “Send me as many restless minds as possible and see the impact,” he added.

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The session was followed by Q&As where a few doctors also testified as to how Heartfulness meditative practices had helped women conceive and alleviated other health issues. Medical students who attended the session had the opportunity to have their curiosities answered by Daaji. Daaji also suggested how Heartfulness’ simple experiments performed in labs testified that meditative practices are undoubtedly beneficial to all.

Dr. Anupama Gotimukula, President – AAPI said, “We are living in times that appear more perilous than ever in terms of health and lifestyle. This is besides Corona and now Omicron scare hitting us all. With busier lifestyles backed by technological advances, there is more chaos leading to physical and mental exhaustion. We need to address both the mental and the physical aspects when we talk about health. We are glad that someone like Daaji can guide us on cultivating the inner acumen for enlightenment and bliss for healthier lives.”

The event was part of the 75th Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav initiative that marks the Diamond Jubilee of India’s independence. Recently Heartfulness also laid the foundation for its Heartfulness International Yoga Academy and 75 Crore Surya Namaskar challenge as part of the same initiative that began on 3 January and is scheduled till 20 February 2022. The event elicited a great response from people all over the world also joining the Heartfulness event virtually on the day of the launch with thousands of registrations taking place. The event also saw the release of the Authentic Yoga Book originally written by Shri P Deshpande ji whose school of thoughts on yoga closely resembles Daaji’s idea of Yoga.