Tata Consultancy Services’ digital head Satya Ramaswamy quits


Bengaluru: Tata Consultancy Services Ltd’s (TCS) head of digital business Satya Ramaswamy has quit after India’s largest software services company reorganized that business.

Ramaswamy, who joined TCS in 2010, was senior vice-president until he left the Mumbai-based firm last month.

A TCS spokesperson said Ramaswamy left to pursue interests outside the firm.

Till recently, TCS’s digital business, which accounted for 17% or $3 billion of total $17.58 billion revenue at the end of March 2017, used to comprise of cloud computing, analytics, and business from automation platform tools.

Under the new structure, TCS has carved out individual components of digital and entrusted leaders to scale up business as more Fortune 1000 companies look at their IT vendors for solutions in newer technologies like data analytics to run their business better.

TCS’s cloud computing business will be overseen by Satishchandra Doreswamy while automation service business will be headed by P.R. Krishnan, who formerly headed TCS’s infrastructure service solution business.

In his new role, Krishnan will oversee TCS’s internal push to embrace automation and generate more business from selling automation tools to company’s clients.

Data analytics will be headed by Dinanath Kholkar, who was earlier the head of TCS’s BPO business. Reguraman Ayyaswamy will head the internet of things (IoT) business.

All these four leaders will report to president, Krishnan Ramanujam. Ramanujam will in turn report to the chief executive officer Rajesh Gopinathan.

Digital is a fuzzy word, and despite claims of higher growth in digital, Indian IT companies struggle for growth.

TCS claims its digital business reported a 29% growth last year even as the company managed a 6.2% growth.

This is because even a strong growth from next-generation technologies is not enough to offset the decline in demand in the traditional areas of work.

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