Supari Studios crafts a peppy music video for Tinder’s latest anthem


Featuring Guru Randhawa, Anirudh and Dee MC with relatable lyrics in Punjabi, Tamil and English, the music video is an epic celebration of self-love and human connect

India-wide release, 11th April 2022: Mumbai-based Supari Studios, an award-winning content studio, has recently come together with Tinder to create a music video for the latter’s latest track, Swipe Right Material. A never-seen-before ensemble of three of India’s most popular musicians—Guru Randhawa, Anirudh Ravichander and Dee MC—have sung the catchy and upbeat track, which is an ode to human connection and celebrates self-love and diverse backgrounds.

Tinder has uniquely brought together the three artists with their distinct sounds, genres, languages and fanbases to create a fresh new track that urges the audience to embrace their authentic, unapologetic selves and be open to unexpected possibilities. Music is a top interest on Tinder in India. With vocals in Punjabi by Guru Randhawa, Tamil by Anirudh and English by rapper Dee MC, Swipe Right Material celebrates the magic of connections and demonstrates the potential epic possibilities that are unlocked by meeting new people.

Link to the music video

Aiming to translate the same into the video featuring the three music artists, Supari Studios have created a music video that mirrors this celebration of self-love and limitless possibilities—the core theme being how everyone is #SwipeRightMaterial. With energetic dance moves and an overall carefree mood, the culturally relevant music video effectively highlights the idea of loving and believing in oneself and exploring new human connections.

Joel Nigli, Senior Creative Director at Supari Studios said, “The song talks about living life, taking chances and opening your heart to new experiences and possibilities, which is what Tinder is about. And this, combined with the dance moves choreographed by Ruel, perfectly captures the sense of openness and joie de vivre, giving the music video the right energy.”

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Kalpit Damania, Lead – Creative Producer, Supari Studios, added, “When Tinder reached out to us to create a music video for the Swipe Right Material track, we were super excited about the collaboration. The vision for the track was to make it bright and peppy while celebrating the uniqueness of every individual through the song. While it was exciting, it was also challenging as the execution was tricky, and the team had very little time to prep. The added challenge was to get the entire shoot done in one day. The team at Tinder were very collaborative and was always available to discuss solutions. Special props to Lendrick Kumar (Director) and Ruel Varindani (Choreographer), who added magic to the existing banger track!”Lendrick Kumar, Director of the ‘Swipe Right Material’ music videosaid, “The transition for me from the indie space to a 200+ crew music video was a big one, and it really was difficult to digest.When I heard the track, I knew instantly what a banger it was! At the pre-production stage, we realised that the time we had for a video at that scale was short, but we worked together with the team at Supari Studios like magic and made sure to deliver an amazing film. Big ups to Ruel and his team. He killed it with the choreography of the entire film and made the film what it is. Overall, I am really happy with the product and appreciate Tinder, Ruel, Supari Studios and the entire team for making this happen.”

Anukool Kumar, Head of Marketing, Tinder India mentioned, “Swipe Right Material is an ode to being your authentic self, encouraging Gen Z to embrace their quirks unapologetically and wear their heart on their sleeve. The track by these three diverse  musicians from across India celebrates the magic of Tinder and the endless possibilities of magical connections. Supari Studios brought our vision to life by weaving the narrative with GenZ’s love for music, giving them something to groove to all summer.”

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While online dating comes with its own challenges—from getting the profile photo right to having an interesting bio—the last two years have also witnessed everyone, particularly Gen Z, putting their social lives on pause. With its relatable Swipe Right Material song, at the intersection of music and culture, Tinder acknowledges the loneliness experienced by the masses while celebrating the enduring nature of human connections. Not only that, but the social app also aims to build the confidence of its community by reinforcing that they are #SwipeRightMaterial and supporting them in acing their dating game.In line with this, Supari Studios’ visual storytelling through the music video celebrates the resilience of humans as well as inspire and hype the audience to reclaim missed opportunities of meeting people by reminding them of ways that make them truly unique.