Sun Pharma unit files patent case against German firm


New Delhi: DUSA Pharmaceuticals, a unit of Sun Pharmaceutical Industries, has filed a trade secret misappropriation and tortious interference claim against Biofrontera Inc. in the district court of Massachusetts, the company said in a statement.

The lawsuit alleges patent violation of topical solution Levulan, and Kerastick. DUSA has also alleged that the Germany-based Biofrontera improperly obtained confidential information from former employees.

Sun Pharma unit files patent case against German firm

The lawsuit seeks an assessment of both damages and injunctive relief against the Biofrontera defendants. The patents-in-suit concern an apparatus and method for “photodynamic therapy” (or “PDT”) and equipment for PDT. The photodynamic therapy, pioneered by DUSA, combines a drug with a light source to treat disease conditions.

The product was launched by DUSA, in September 2000 in the US. DUSA’s Levulan combination therapy is approved by FDA for treatment of non-hyperkeratotic actinic keratoses or AKs of the face or scalp.

source: livemint

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