StockEdge To Transform Financial Markets Analytics Apps

stock edge

It started as a software tool for satisfying an internal need and then took a shape of a dream that promises to change the way stock markets is followed in India. StockEdge is an application that helps Indian Stock Market Traders and Investors reach better decisions by providing them an end-of-day analytics, visualization, and alerts on the mobile platform in a highly customized and adaptive form to suit individual’s needs.
This idea was formulated by Vivek Bajaj, who has been involved in Indian market as a trader &investor since last 15 years. The idea was converted into a product by Vinay Pagaria, who has decade of experience in software applications.
StockEdge fulfilled a long-standing gap in what the market participants really wanted, and what they had access to. Not surprisingly, within a very short span of 5 months, Stock Edge has become India’s most downloaded financial market Analytics App with a download of more than 100,000+ and a rating of 4.7/5.The app is powered by stock market data from National Stock Exchange (NSE) and Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and various corporate data. It focuses on creating a noise-free framework with filters and a visual delight for fastest and effective decision making. It is built on a highly customized and adaptive architecture that gives the most relevant output for the user quickly.
The features provided in the app include:
1. Track NSE and BSE stocks
2. Add stocks to the watch list
3. Create multiple watch lists and track stocks at watchlist level
4. Access filtered updates on your watch list
5. Generate ideas by using price, volume, technical and derivative scans
6. Set price targets and get notified
7. Analyze sectors, FII activities and Bulk /Block Deals
8. Create investor groups and track the deals, insider, shareholding on consolidated basis
9. Get suggested investor names for the investor groups
10. Learn about various aspects of market via in learn section

Presently, there are numerous traditional high-end financial tools that are available in India. Most of these are very expensive and have mind boggling and complex features that take a lot of efforts and time to understand. On the other hand, Stock Edge has been developed in such a way that it not only hides the behind the scenes complexity relating to data analytics but also delivers the result oriented information mostly in visual form at the lowest cost possible: its basic version in current form is free! Today majority of Indian adults do not have adequate capabilities to understand financial concepts and financial market products, especially rewards and risks in order to make informed choices and to address this challenge, Mr. Vivek Bajaj and Mr. Vineet Patawari have taken upon themselves an onus to spread financial literacy through their educational ventures Kredent Academy & They have prominently featured Stock Edge on their websites as an essential resource, as the app is a major enabler for anyone who is interested in becoming financially literate.
In just 5 months Stock Edge has become indispensable for every student, trader, and investor, and has earned accolades from various industry stalwarts as well. It has been ranked by an independent source as one of the top 5 stock market apps in India.

Go ahead and download Stock Edge to experience its amazing capabilities. It’s available for both Android as well as iPhones.


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