Spini Clocks Rapid Growth, Expands Operations to Mumbai, Pune and Delhi


Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Spini the market place app which connects referrers and sales professionals across India has now expanded and launched operations in Mumbai, Pune and Delhi. Spini is one of the very few apps that help users spend those hours productively and is touted to be the only app that helps users earn a regular income. All that one has to do is, post their own or other’s buying requirements of products and services like Real Estate, Insurance, Interior renovation and the likes, on the app. This information then becomes a qualified lead for salespersons who in turn buy those leads.

Spini initially generated sales leads for Real Estate, Loans and Interior renovation professionals and has now added Insurance, Used Cars, Travel, Event Management, Wedding Planning, Catering etc. Shankar, CEO, Spini said, “277 million mobile internet users in India spend an average of 3 hours 17 minutes per day using apps on their mobiles and other social media portals. There is a strong need and demand for apps such as Spini to bring together buyers, sellers and intermediaries in a systematic matter and on a single platform”.

“We are adding categories and industries based on requirements posted by users and this market driven approach has helped us generate a high percentage of quality leads.” He added.

The foray into different market segments to connect various service providers has also led to Spini’s rapid geographical expansion within the country. Spini has received its first round of funding from Walden International for $1 million for the development of the platform and its expansion in India as well as global markets.

About Spini

Spini was co-founded by Mr. Eddie Chau, Mr. Shankar G and Mr. Chong-Kian Soh, with presence in Singapore and India. Launched in July 2015 Spini is now operational in Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. The app has clocked 50,000+ users and has generated business leads worth 750 crores and more.

Spini is a fun, fast growing, well-funded startup where sales professionals pay the referrers for providing information and connecting them with potential customers. Apart from Android and iOS, Spini is available to millions of users with no mobile Internet through www.getspini.com.


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