Singapore Airlines to stop Airbus A380 operations on Mumbai route in July & August


Singapore Airlines (SIA) will not operate the Airbus A380 aircraft on the Mumbai route in July and August as the aircrafts will be deployed on the Singapore-London route,

The airline operates A380 everyday to Mumbai and Delhi and has 14 weekly flights on the aircraft to India. “We do not have any plans to increase or decrease the number of A380 services to India. However, on the Mumbai route we will be operating the Boeing 777-300 ER (extended range) during the months of July and August, as the A380 is being utilised on a different route due to operational requirements. (In those two months) it will be deployed to London,” a SIA spokesperson told the paper.

Three airlines – SIA, Etihad and Emirates – started flying the aircraft to Mumbai. Etihad pulled out its A380 in July 2017 and replaced it with A340 instead. Emirates, however, is continuing its A380 service to Mumbai.

A380 flies only to Delhi and Mumbai airports in India. SIA and Lufthansa fly their A380s to Delhi and the airlines will continue services there. Lufthansa operates A380 on the Delhi-Frankfurt route and the aviation firm confirmed there are no plans for them to “reduce or augment the frequency / number of cities of its flights to and from India on the Airbus A-380.”

Airbus, the manufacturer of A380, started receiving few orders for this aircraft. But after Emirates signed a deal with the firm for 36 aircrafts, the Airbus COO John Leahy sees hope and  said, “I’m personally convinced more orders will follow and that this great aircraft will be built well into the 2030s.”moneycontrol