Forward Thinking for leaders to lead the right leadership through Vishakha Singh’s course SHIFT


    Shift, an integrated forward thinking programme founded by Vishakha Singh, especially curated for the leaders is a set of 15 ideas and habits that inculcates Forward Thinking. SHIFT – Simple Habits and Ideas for Forward Thinking is a 3 weeks online program that helps professionals and leaders develop a forward thinking mindset to steer themselves and their teams to success in the fast changing  business environment. The next cohort is set to begin on February 25, 2022.

    The brand SHIFT has revamped its identity. The new identity embodies a forward and an upward-facing arrow made of a set of 15 circles, representing the course framework of 15 habits and ideas. The arrows represent the upward trajectory the learners will undertake.

    Leaders and C-suite executives from tier 1 companies such as General Mills, SBI, Asian paints, Zerodha amongst others have been a part of her earlier cohorts. SHIFT, inculcates forward thinking through a set of 15 habits and ideas. Thereby, enabling its subscribers to develop creative and critical thinking outlook coupled with a growth mindset. The foundation of the habits and ideas that are within the course are based on mental models such as  ‘Empathy Mapping’, ‘Listening Together’ and ideas like ‘No Marginal Thinking’, ‘Inversion Thinking’ and ‘Boyd’s OODA model’ amongst others. These models enable the course takers to become fine decision makers whilst helping them to acquire an innovative mindset.
    Commenting on the next cohort of SHIFT, Vishakha Singh, the founder and creator of SHIFT stated, “The announcement of each cohort is extremely satisfying as it provides us with immense joy knowing that we will be aiding a new set of individuals with all the right tools to assist them in carving a better path both for their professional and personal growth. C-suite executives from some of the top companies from within the country will be a part of this life changing experience. This cohort is particularly special because it also will be an opportunity for SHIFT to unveil its new logo.

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    The logo symbolises a leap of faith that I took from the conceptualization of SHIFT and its journey so far. I am happy that SHIFT has been able to create an impact on the minds of today’s leaders to help them realize the power of critical thinking. Neither the age nor the designation should keep us from our quest to get better and grow in a way that strengthens our community.”