Scott Bian Judge, CEO of Bian Digital, was Featured On


Scott Bain Judge, CEO of Bain Digital, was Featured On

Scott Bian Judge is a celebrated digital marketing consultant with years of experience and successful campaigns to his credit

CHICAGO, IL, USA, November 26, 2022 / — Scott Bian Judge is a celebrated digital marketing consultant with years of experience and successful campaigns to his credit. He was featured on where he has shared an insight into his inspiring journey as a successful entrepreneur.

Scott Bain Judge, born and raised in the USA is a renowned marketer. Owing to his commitment to learning and diversity of exposure to the real world, he has grown a lot professionally in a very short time. During his career, he has worked with a number of dynamic sales teams led by the former Oakley top salesman, a former Commercial Director of L’Oreal, and the founder of Coca-Cola’s Relentless Energy Drink line. The experience working with the powerhouses of the marketing industry motivated Scott Bain Judge to push further forward in his marketing career and he founded Bian Digital.

Inspirery, an authentic website that publishes interviews with entrepreneurs and executives, features Scott Bian. Scott Bain has a passion for technology and emerging horizons. Some of his favorites are Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and blockchain. His expertise and enthusiasm made him a perfect fit to be featured on He shared his journey in detail and discussed his inspirations.

“From a young age, I have always wanted to share new ideas, inspire people and make them excited about the things I am passionate about. Early in my career, when I found an opportunity to become a personal assistant to a marketing director, I jumped on it. It gave me first-hand marketing experience and taught me this is something I love doing.” ~ Scott Bian, CEO Bian Digital

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Scott Bain discussed his entrepreneurship experience and shared how he had a lot of second-guessing during the early days of Bain Digital. His team and Scott carried out a lot of additional research for each project to make Bain Digital a success. He emphasized the importance of having a good team in the success of any entrepreneurial venture. Today Bain Digital is a confident and trustworthy name, with no room for any doubt in professionalism and expertise.

While sharing his future plans, Scott Bain said, “I aim to grow Bain Digital as one of the most trusted and promising marketing agencies. The five-year plan for Bain Digital is to be large enough to do more than just content marketing. I plan to launch some training programs to teach my clients how to do some of the work on their own. I am excited to publish my first book discussing the principles of marketing online.” He added, “I also see Bain Digital moving more toward the various perceptual realities as well. There’s a place in the AR world and VR world to connect with clients. We are going to lead the charge.”

The interview is an inspiring read for all entrepreneurs in general and digital marketers in particular.

About Scott Bain Judge
Scott Bain Judge is a seasoned marketing consultant and CEO of Bain Digital. He is a fan of photography, technology, and travelling. But he is renowned for his services to multiple medium to large enterprises. His passion for VR, AR, IR, Blockchain technology, NFTs, and the Metaverse has earned him a trusted name.

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