SBI alerts customers against phishing attacks in its recent tweet


Apart from urging its users to follow COVID-19 protocols like wearing a face mask, India’s largest public-sector lender State Bank of India (SBI) also keeps apprising its customers about rising cybercrime. In its recent tweet, the public-sector bank has warned its users against phishing attacks by SMS.

Phishing attacks refer to the practice of sending fraud links that appear to come from a trusted source. It is usually done by SMS and email. The aim of these attacks is to steal sensitive information like bank account details and card information. SBI has warned its customers against clicking on any links that offer freebies as this could amount to a loss of your personal and confidential information.

“Are you receiving these links in your inbox? Steer clear! Clicking on these phishing links could lead to the loss of your personal and confidential information. Stay alert. Think before you click!” SBI tweeted. “Free gift from the National Bank of India? Don’t take the bait! Beware of phishing links offering freebies,” it further mentioned

This, however, is not the first time the bank warned its customers against such fraud. Earlier this year, SBI released a video alerting its customers about the rise in QR code frauds. In this video, the lender said that QR codes are meant to make payments and not receiving money.

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