Sakra World Hospital organizes Yoga Session on the occasion of ‘World Heart Day 2019’


Sakra World Hospital organizes Yoga Session on the occasion of ‘World Heart Day 2019’

Bengaluru, September 28, 2019: Sakra World Hospital conducted a special Yoga session for its staff today at the hospital premises. The session witnessed fitness and health enthusiasts performing ‘Asanas’ under the guidance of yoga experts. The experts not only demonstrated series of asanas but they also explained the benefits of yoga to the participants in preventing various cardiovascular problems.

To commemorate World Heart Day, Sakra is also organizing a two-week long awareness program that aims at spreading awareness about good heart health amongst people. This special education program will see people from all walks of life including corporates, public sectors and the government bodies. As a part of this program, Sakra is also free preliminary health checkup to its techie neighborhood.

Cardiovascular disease is one of the leading causes of death globally, thus it has become imperative to educate individuals about healthier lifestyle. Therefore, with an aim to raise awareness amongst people about various heart ailments and its preventive measures, doctors and experts at Sakra World Hospital shared their insights on the overall need for healthy lifestyle through an educational program hosted at the hospital post the yoga session.

Commenting on the importance of the yoga session and ways to maintain a healthy heart, Dr Sreekanth B Shetty, Senior Consultant and Head of Interventional Cardiology, Sakra World Hospital said, “Heart diseases and stroke are major public health problems killing several million people worldwide. It is a bigger problem for India because of the factor that younger individuals are getting affected. Following a healthy lifestyle is the best and simplest way to prevent heart diseases. One must perform regular exercise including yoga for a long way in controlling body weight, sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol. Yoga is very helpful for a heart patient thereby reducing heart disease significantly. Yoga is also proven to be effective in improving life a after a heart attack or a bypass surgery.”

Speaking on the importance of creating awareness on cardiovascular disease, Dr. Deepak Krishnamurthy, Senior Consultant – Interventional Cardiology, Sakra World Hospital said, According to various corporate wellness surveys, 72% of corporate employees are prone to heart disease due to factors such as high-stress levels, lack of physical activity and poor eating habits. Adopting a healthy lifestyle is the key to prevent premature mortality and different heart ailments for working professionals who lead a sedentary lifestyle and work under stressful situations almost on a daily basis. To address this alarming issue, we have organized this two-week awareness program to propagate the message of good health within the professional community.


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