Sakra World Hospital Launches the First-of-its-kind Sakra Neuromuscular Clinic


Sakra World Hospital Launches the First-of-its-kind Sakra Neuromuscular Clinic

Bengaluru, September 12, 2019: Sakra World Hospital, a leading multi-speciality hospital in Bengaluru launched the first-of-its-kind dedicated Sakra Neuromuscular Clinic in the presence of Dr. H V Srinivas, Senior Consultant – Neurology, Sagar and Agadi Hospitals, Professor A Nalini, Consultant – Neuromuscular diseases & Professor of Neurology (NIMHANS), doctors, employees, and staff members today. The department of Sakra Institute of Neurosciences launched this clinic with the vision to provide world-class clinical healthcare treatment and services to the patients suffering from neuromuscular disease and set the clinic as Nodal Quaternary Referral Center in the field of Neuromuscular Diseases across the country.

Sakra Neuromuscular Clinic aims at providing children and adults with a comprehensive multidisciplinary treatment and care for all types of neuromuscular diseases under one roof. To ensure this endeavour is carried out successfully, Sakra Institute of Neurosciences headed by renowned neurosurgeons Dr. Swaroop Gopal and Dr. Satish Rudrappa brought on board the best talent in the country Dr. Bawani Anand, Senior Consultant – Neurology & Dr V. Preethish Kumar, Associate Consultant – Neurology which will spearhead the clinic. This special wing at Sakra World Hospital will dedicatedly work towards providing patients with holistic and multidisciplinary care for neuromuscular diseases.

Neuromuscular disease (NMD) is a broad sub-specialty in Neurology (similar to epilepsy, acute neurology) that deals with every disease that affects the nerves and muscles in a body. NMDs impair the normal functioning of anterior horn cell, radicle, plexus, peripheral nerve, neuromuscular junction and muscle. Common symptoms include tingling and burning sensation of muscles and nerves, numbness, pain/cramps/stiffness in muscles, excessive fatigue, weakness or wasting of the muscles.

Sakra Neuromuscular Clinic will facilitate diagnosis of neuromuscular disorders and perform advanced electrodiagnostic tests like Electromyography (EMG), Nerve Conduction Studies (NCS), Repetitive Nerve Stimulation (RNS), SFEMG (Single-Fiber EMG), VEP, SSEP, BERA (associated tests).

Speaking on the launch of Sakra Neuromuscular Clinic, Dr. H V Srinivas, Senior Consultant – Neurology, Sagar and Agadi Hospitals said, “In India, we have very few clinical centres that provide comprehensive treatment and care for such rare health conditions like neuromuscular diseases. Most of the people who suffer from these diseases often go undiagnosed due to lack of healthcare centres that provide appropriate help and treatment. To address this alarming issue, I am glad that Sakra World Hospital has come up with a dedicated clinic for neuromuscular diseases to help improve the living conditions of people with such disorders and provide treatment on time before the condition worsens further.”

“There is a belief among many patients that neuromuscular diseases cannot be treated leading them to avoid clinical consultation on time. However, most of these diseases can be effectively managed and treated through common interventions such as immunosuppressive drugs that can treat certain muscle and nerve diseases and diseases of the nerve-muscle junctions. Under our exclusive management program available at Sakra Neuromuscular Clinic, we aim at providing patients and their family members with latest treatment such as dedicated physiotherapy, rehabilitation alongside genetic testing and genetic counselling,” said Dr. Bawani Anand, Senior Consultant – Neurology, Sakra World Hospital.

With an aim to improve the life span and quality of those suffering from neuromuscular disease, Sakra Neuromuscular Clinic will be open every Thursday 10: 30 am – 1:30 pm at Sakra World Hospital.


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