Rooftop Aircraft by Captain Amol Yadav Clears First Phase Of Test Flight


Captain Amol Yadav had started the project 19 years ago and now the six-seater passenger aircraft which he built on the terrace of his house has completed the first phase of its test flight.

The aircraft would now have to prove flight at a height of 2000 feet in the next phase, Captain Amol Yadav, said.

Yadav designed and developed the aircraft on the rooftop of his house in the western suburb of Kandivali in Maharashtra.

“I along with a technician performed the first phase of the test flight of our aircraft and the plane made a balance flight. And it was a fantastic one,” he said.

In the first phase of the flight, the aircraft’s movement was tested on the ground at a slow and fast speed, and its capability to make turns on the ground for taxiways and bays, and proper application of brakes were checked.

“It was also checked whether the aircraft can maintain a balance flight after taking off the ground,” Yadav told PTI. Aviation regulator DGCA had granted permission for the first phase of the flight late last year.

The test flight required insurance, which was huge, he said, adding, “I bought that as well with the funding from family members.”


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