Rock Paper Rum Launches Rock Paper Coffee


    Mumbai, May 29th 2024: Rock Paper Rum has the unveiled ‘Rock Paper Coffee’ – a bold move that sets it apart from other alcohol brands. As one of the first alcohol brand to venture into premium coffee, Rock Paper Rum is redefining the boundaries of innovation in the alco-bev industry.

    According to a press release in a world where consumers are increasingly seeking value and premium experiences, Rock Paper Rum is ahead of its time, recognizing the growing demand for quality beverages. With the launch of Rock Paper Coffee, the brand not only taps into the growing coffee culture but also offers a unique proposition to its audience by curating beverages for every moment of the day. This meticulously crafted line of single-origin Arabica coffee promises an unparalleled sensory experience, showcasing the finest flavors and aromas for coffee enthusiasts across the country!

    “We are passionate about building the world of Rock Paper & are extremely thrilled to introduce Rock Paper Coffee as a part of our growing portfolio. This move not only differentiates us from other alcohol brands but also reflects our commitment to premiumization and innovation,” says Lalit Kalani, the force behind Rock Paper Rum.

    “At Rock Paper, we don’t just create beverages; we curate experiences,” Lalit Kalani affirmed. “Whether it’s kickstarting your mornings with the robust aroma of Rock Paper Coffee or unwinding in the evening with the smoothness of Rock Paper Rum, every sip is an invitation to enjoy life’s moments to the fullest.”

    Sourced from the heart of Chikmagalur, India’s premier coffee haven, each bean is carefully selected and meticulously hand-roasted in small batches using state-of-the-art Giesen roasters from Netherlands. Available in three distinct roasts – Medium, Medium-Dark, and Dark Roast – Rock Paper Coffee promises an unparalleled sensory experience with its rich, full-bodied flavor profile. Whether you’re brewing a classic cup or experimenting with decadent mochas and lattes, Rock Paper Coffee is designed to elevate your coffee experience to new heights.


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