Restoring the beauty of handmade art online at


Building a career of unrecognized artists

Providing financial stability to housewives. 55% women onboard.

Over 200 artists onboard

With the emergence of Online Galleries in recent years, artists now have alternative avenues to show and sell their work. The internet offers visual art market great potential for growth and changes uplifting the entire artist society who were always turned away by established physical art galleries.

Providing a platform to unrecognized artists around the globe to not only showcase their art but also to earn. is a bootstrapped, online art platform aiming to fight digitalization by restoring the beauty of handmade art online.

The 3-year-old platform is said to bring together artists, buyers, and culture onto a single powerful online platform. Founded by Harshit Soni& supported by Shivam Mishra (co-founder of AHA Taxis), the objective is to empower the artists, who desire a level playing field where they can earn and get regular work; for users as a tastemaker, who will be able to refine judgment of art and get a platform to secure custom artwork on canvas.

The platform currently holds over 200 artists across the country empowering 55% of women showcasing handmade artwork starting from Rs. 500 to Rs. 22,000 depending upon the demands and customization of the customers. Currently is generating a revenue of Rs. One Crore annually.

Harshit Soni, Founder of, and 23-year old BITS Pilani graduate, said, “We want to make art a mainstream profession and create a lot of jobs from home. So many housewives already work with us and if we grow fast, this number can grow very fast too”.

“We are more focused and passionate about generating work for our artists and to build careers we are continuously looking forward to adding new categories and new artists.  The reason we founded BookMyPainting is that we feel there is a need for a platform where artists can join and get paid for the things they love to do. We wish to create a large art-based marketplace where artists from different art form can Join and earn a livelihood by doing things they love”, he added.

The platform plans to become a one-stop shop for all custom art requirements where the buyer can get their requests fulfilled and artists can also sell their art in auctions in the near future.


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