Resell Calendar Announces $200,000 Bounty for 2023 Tesla Cybertruck Delivery


LOS ANGELES, Dec. 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Resell Calendar, the leading source for resell news and trends, has announced a distinctive offer to purchase a Tesla Cybertruck for $200,000, significantly above its retail price. This exceptional opportunity is extended to the first individual who can deliver a Cybertruck before the end of 2023.

In a bold move, Resell Calendar is putting its prediction to the test. The company had previously speculated that early Cybertruck deliveries might resell in the aftermarket for around the $200,000 mark, considering factors such as waitlist demand, production rates, anticipated retail price, and their extensive experience in the automotive aftermarket. Despite mixed reactions to this prediction on platforms like Reddit and Twitter, Resell Calendar stands firm in its assessment.

The company’s spokesperson stated, “We believe in our prediction and are ready to back it up financially. This is why we are offering to purchase a Cybertruck for a premium price. It’s an opportunity for someone to make a significant profit, and for us to demonstrate our confidence in the reselling market’s dynamics.”

This offer is not constrained by the vehicle’s trim level, and Resell Calendar has committed to buying a maximum of one vehicle under these terms. In the scenario where a Cybertruck is not acquired by the end of 2023, the company is open to extending this offer into 2024.

Finding a pre-2024 Cybertruck is acknowledged to be challenging but feasible, as production has been ramping up, with deliveries already commencing. Resell Calendar is hopeful that an early buyer will capitalize on this opportunity.

Resell Calendar encourages current Cybertruck owners or those expecting delivery before the year’s end to contact them for a chance to secure this unique deal.

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We Will Buy Your Cybertruck for $200,000

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