Repos launches Repos Pay


India, July 15th, 2022:
With its 2000+ partners and operations in 220+ cities across the country, Repos is the
pioneer of the Doorstep Fuel Delivery industry in India. Under its FinTech arm, Repos
announced today the launch of Repos Pay, a ‘first of its kind’ Energy Fintech platform which
will facilitate fuel on credit solution for bulk consumers. Repos signed memorandums of
Understanding (MOUs) with Axis Bank, mCapital, and ICICI Bank as the first Financial
partners for the platform. The launch ceremony was graced by Shri Narayan Rane (Hon.
Minister of MSME, Govt. of India). Repos is committed towards the nation’s growth by
creating an ecosystem that facilitates the delivery of all forms of energy at the doorstep of
end consumers with the help of technology. This launch further demonstrated Repos’s
dedication to building India’s sustainable energy distribution ecosystem.
Since its inception in 2017, Repos has been Relentless and Positive in realising its vision of
helping the world move toward a carbon-neutral future with establishment of E-Commerce of
energy. It wants to make all fuels – liquid, gas, or electric accessible through Mobile Energy
Distribution through special purpose vehicles like IoT technology enabled Repos Mobile Fuel
Pumps. For its innovations in Mobile Energy Distribution, Repos was conferred with National
Startup Award 2021 with the hands of Hon. Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modiji in
the industry 4.0 vertical. So far Repos has secured three national and one international
patents (published in 153 countries). Repos has also been featured in Forbes India
magazine and has represented India at Europe’s biggest start-up and tech event – Vivo
Technology 2022.
We have identified the expansive untapped market of fuel on credit and developed a
platform to introduce a structured fuel financing and management mechanism.Repos Pay,
powered by technology, caters not only to the credit needs of the fuel consumer but also
acts as an efficient credit extension and management platform for lenders such as banks,
NBFCs and fintech, said Aparajit Subramanian, Co-Founder & Chief Fintech Officer ,
“With the launch of Repos Pay, we will enable investors to enter a high-cap market while
driving an environmental impact through green energy adoption. While Mobile Energy
Distribution has an impressive growth story, access to viable investment opportunities in this
sector for most investors is virtually non-existent. The renewable energy segment is a costly
asset class to own and manage independently. We, as an aggregator, aim to resolve this

problem by facilitating to bring down the ticket size for investments”, said Mr. Chetan
Walunj, Founder and CEO of Repos
Aditi Bhosale Walunj, Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of Repos, said, “Our Fintech
platform is an opportunity for Repos to innovate the energy financing ecosystem. We believe
Fintech offers solutions to invest in renewable projects and provide solutions that break
down production, financial analysis and portfolio performance. Repos Pay will be a driving
force behind renewable energies’ deployment and the shift towards a greener future. We
plan to combine technology and innovations, and our platform will be at the centre of our
energy transition.”
Repos Pay is an innovative financial platform that offers new ways for citizens to get
involved in delivering clean energy to doorsteps and reap the benefits of the technologically
powered payment solution. Repos Pay wants to reach every corner of India and
revolutionise the distribution of all kinds of energy in the future. It would cater to Angel
investors interested in diversifying their existing portfolios while being a part of India’s fast-
growing energy distribution landscape.