Reliance Jio Infocomm vs Ookla ; The war of words continues

Reliance Jio Infocomm and US based broadband speed testing company, Ookla, continue to clash over the allegations that the latter had wrongly certified Bharti Airtel to be India’s fastest mobile carrier.

Ookla, in a official statement released on Wednesday, said that it fully stands by the accuracy and reliability of the methodology used to assign India’s fastest mobile network tag to Bharti Airtel. Defending its speed test results, Ookla said that the carrier displayed in the Speedtest Android application is based on the “Active Carrier” value returned by the device. Due to limitations of the Android platform, the “Active Carrier” does not always indicate the actual data provider in devices with multiple SIMs.

Jio responded, saying Ookla’s statement was an admission that its method was faulty, and hence,wasn’t foolproof.

The 4G entrant further retorted saying that, this admission by Ookla reinforces its submission that there is a clear contamination in primary data collected by Ookla in India, where nearly 90% of smartphones are dual SIM devices.

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