Rajan Kumar bags the prestigious title ‘Icon of India (Election Commission) in ‘World Records India’


International famed actor Rajan Kumar and crowned in the Guinness Books of Records as the Charlie Chaplin-2 has now added one more feather to his over-crowded cap. Rajan Kumar ‘Charlie’ in the ongoing election had been elected as an icon by the Election Commission of India 2019; wherein he appealed the people to exercise their voting rights. This saw a spur in the percentage of voters coming out and voting in large numbers.

Rajan Kumar bags the prestigious title ‘Icon of India (Election Commission) in ‘World Records India’

           During the process donning the hat of Charlie Chaplin, Rajan Kumar displayed his prowess during the great legendary actor’s 130th birthday and celebrated it by organising a special programme for the people in Munger – Patna (Bihar) on 21st May 2019. The memorable event was attended by Collectorate DM Rajesh Meena, SP Gaurav Mangal and many other luminaries were present. On the occasion DM Rajesh Meena honoured Rajan Kumar.

           Under the guise of encouraging people to come out and vote in large numbers, a ‘voting tree’ concept was initiated where-in saplings were planted by the people, so that they can recall it throughout their life. Apart from this, in kind remembrance to Charlie Chaplin’s birthday, Rajan Kumar in the form of Charlie distributed 130 voting invitation cards, 130 red roses, 130 candles, 130 balloons, 130 chocolates with 130 Jivika Devis’ cajoled 130 voters in a 130 minute live road show.

Rajan Kumar now will also further be seen hosting the ‘5th GIAA Awards’ at Phoenix Mills on June 14, 2019 as an anchor.


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