RADAR RELAY, the First Open Order Book Relayer, Relaunches Decentralized Exchange With a Modern Swap Interface


RADAR RELAY, the First Open Order Book Relayer, Relaunches Decentralized Exchange With a Modern Swap Interface

With Multiple Liquidity Sources, Enhanced Wallet Support, and a New Mobile Experience, RADAR RELAY aims to be the destination for decentralized trading for Ethereum traders.

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updated: May 11, 2020 06:00 MDT

RADAR RELAY INC. (RADAR) relaunches RADAR RELAY with a simple, swap-style interface that provides access to liquidity from multiple sources, support for popular Ethereum wallets, and a new mobile experience.

Alan Curtis, CEO of RADAR, commented “Today we’re proud to relaunch RADAR RELAY, with a simple, modern trading experience, more wallet support, and mobile trading. This is our first step in upgrading RELAY into the destination for decentralized trading—expect to see more features in the upcoming months.”

RADAR RELAY is a peer-to-peer, decentralized trading platform for Ethereum-based tokens, built on the 0x Protocol. Launched in 2017, RADAR RELAY is one of the first relayers and earliest working dApps on the Ethereum network. For the past two years, the platform has operated an open order book offering liquidity from the 0x protocol.

The new interface is more than cosmetic. Brandon Curtis, Director of R&D RADAR, says, “RELAY is completely redesigned to incorporate the latest technical innovations and everything we’ve learned about decentralized exchange. Through bridge contracts, we can now offer the best prices in DeFi.”

While new liquidity has flooded into the Ethereum decentralized exchange market, it is partitioned across multiple exchange protocols and venues, degrading the experience for traders who must navigate multiple interfaces. 

The new RADAR RELAY solves this issue through “smart dex routing.” According to Curtis, “RELAY automatically presents orders at the best available prices for your trade by considering the trade’s parameters and the depth of liquidity and fees of a wide variety of public and private liquidity sources.”

In addition to offering 0x orders, RADAR RELAY will also make liquidity available from Uniswap, Kyber, Curve, and Oasis at launch, with more on the way. With no sign-ups or deposits to trade, RADAR RELAY will continue as a non-custodial trading platform, allowing users to transact securely without custodial or counterparty risk to their funds. 

The relaunch of RADAR RELAY enables trading on mobile and desktop through 21+ popular Ethereum wallets. By integrating the Web3Modal and WalletConnect standards, the platform is now compatible with Metamask and Opera browser wallets, Trust Wallet and Coinbase Wallet on iOS and Android, Ledger and Trezor hardware wallets, and more.

Experience the new RADAR RELAY at relay.radar.tech

RADAR team is available for interviews. 
RADAR RELAY is a peer-to-peer trading platform for Ethereum-based tokens. RADAR RELAY facilitates orders between peers while never holding user assets in custody. Users access RELAY’s liquidity simply by connecting their wallets to the platform, with no accounts, sign-ups, deposits, or withdrawal limits.

Visit relay.radar.tech

Press Contact: ATTN Beatrice Leung, beatrice.leung@radar.tech


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