Punjab cabinet notifies policy to provide affordable rental housing for students, professionals & senior citizens


The Punjab cabinet has notified the first of its kind rental housing policy to provide affordable rental housing for students, working professionals, senior citizens and labour class and to ensure that paying guest facilities and old age homes do not mushroom in residential areas in an unorganised manner.

“Due to shortage of proper in house accommodation for migrant labour, a number of slums have come up in and around working places without basic civic infrastructure. Therefore, in order to make available proper housing accommodation to students, working professionals, senior citizens and migrant labour in the state, the governor of Punjab is pleased to formulate a policy on rental housing,” the policy document notified earlier this month said.

The policy titled Rental Housing Accommodation Policy, provides for quite a few financial and physical incentives. The maximum ground coverage permissible is 60 percent of the plot area and maximum floor area ratio (FAR) of 1:3:0 for plot area above 1600 sqm, as against the general plotted residential developments that have maximum ground coverage of 50 percent and permissible FAR of 1:1:5.

It also permits the use of FAR availed up to 2 percent for daily needs shops, canteen, ATM, grocery, library, mobile shop, pharmacy, barber shop etc. “The rental housing building may also provide for a common kitchen and dining hall, common room for indoor games, first aid room, laundry and security guard room,” it says.

It also states that there would be no restriction on height of such buildings as long as it gets clearance from the Airport Authority and fulfills norms such as setbacks around buildings, ground coverage, structural safety and fire safety norms.

It says that the owner or the developer of the rental housing accommodation project can rent out the accommodation and will have no right to sell or lease the accommodation to different buyers. However, there will be no restriction on the sale of the project as a whole. And in case the promoter violates the condition, he can be charged a lump sum penalty at the rate of 10 times the charges as applicable to a group housing project in the respective zone.

“In case the promoter fails to pay the penalty, the penalty charges will be recovered as arrears of land revenue by the concerned authority,” the policy says.

The rental housing accomodation projects will be permissible in existing residential areas/urban estates etc and in residential mixed land use zones of the Master Plans, except the Master Plan SAS Nagar and New Chandigarh where such projects shall be allowed in plots which are part of approved layout plan of a bigger project. In case of rental housing for workers/labourers, the project shall also be permissible in industrial zone of the respective master plan except for Master Plan SAS Nagar and New Chandigarh, it said.moneycontrol