Prevueit: A Homegrown Brand that Just Doesn’t Transfer but also Empowers your Data


Indias long-awaited opportunity of having its own data transfer company has certainly been discovered by a young entrepreneur named Karan Bakshi, a creative editor, and designer from New Delhi. (Share, Preview, Review) is the unique data transfer tool that blends collaborative feedback via an inbuilt time-stamping, audio, and video options. On what encouraged Karan to start Prevueit, he said it was his love for everything #MakeInIndia. “We are a nation of talent born from having nothing to becoming the entrepreneurial capital of the world! With all this news of our data being stolen or leaked to other countries made me create this platform. And, once you start using it, you will realize that it’s not just data transfer. Prevueit will not only let you transfer data but will also enable users to share feedback with the new time-stamping review option. The best products are those that solve the simplest of problems, and I have done exactly that and this not only sounds promising but also enables us to be #VocalForLocal.” When asked about the thinking process behind the promising idea, Karan said, “When I was designing Prevueit, the idea was to combine data transfer, preview, and review system. I feel data transfer has been around for a long time now. What users need in 2020 is a faster and better way of presenting data. It should not be just considered a parcel from point A to B. It should lead to better productivity and communication between people/teams working remotely.” His forthcoming plans sound even more glorious as he aims to add a premium Indian stock footage library, which will also be India’s first and only stock footage library with high-quality 4k videos accessible for download at competitive pricing. Karan says, “Prevueit will not stop at just data transfer. We are also working on creating the biggest stock video and audio library, especially in India as there is hardly any. For people to have access to premium stock for free and we will carry on surprising you as time goes by.” Karan currently lives in Mumbai and has almost worked in the founding teams of various startups in the last decade by encouraging them to create digital content. Karan has over 10 years of experience in digital content and video production and has also worked with plenty of non-profit organizations to help them design online learning programs for disadvantaged students. To know more about Prevueit, log onto


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