Perception generates real-time World Cup match highlights using its innovative Timeline Event Links


Timeline Event Markers shown on iPhone

Timeline Event Markers shown on iPad

Available to all operators using our live and on demand streaming TV platform

LONDON, ENGLAND, UK, December 2, 2022 / — Perception innovates again by adding event links within their multiscreen apps that instantly take the user to key moments during the game. These event links are seen as icons in the playback timeline and also listed in the EPG as individual events that can also be played sequentially creating full game highlights on the fly.

T-2’s tv2go service in Slovenia is already benefiting from this cool feature enabling their customers to get straight to all the action from a game quickly and easily.
Whistle events such as start and finish of each half, fouls, yellow and red cards, other significant events such as great shots and of course all the goals!

Perception’s Timeline Event Links, shown in the pictures below, appear during the live stream and will also be available when watching the game in catchup or when recording the game to watch later in Perceptions PVR.

Event markers aren’t just for football they can be used for any sport, music, news, documentaries, in fact any content that has a requirement or a need to go straight to a certain point in the stream’s timeline.

John Mills, Perception Group CEO said: “We absolutely love this feature and from the feedback, our customer’s viewers do too. It’s so important to recognise that in today’s world, not everyone has the time to watch the whole game so providing easy access to the important parts gives Perception users the choice to watch live, catchup later or view the highlights directly from within catchup”

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See the videos on our website demonstrating this feature using our latest Amazon Fire TV app and our IOS app on iPad.

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Perception Group Inc. is an industry innovator that develops and operates TV CDN cloud services utilising its bespoke product, Perception TVCDN. The first multiscreen TV platform that delivers live streaming TV, catch-up TV, cloud PVR, video on demand, subscriber management and billing services embedded directly in a unified TV CDN purpose-built for multiscreen IPTV & OTT.

Perception TVCDN is a proven product, in continuous development and commercial use for over 17 years, available as an on-premise SaaS solution for operators who wish to self-manage infrastructure or as PaaS fully managed solution for those who wish to outsource the complete white label operational platform. Perception TVCDN is ideal for Telcos, ISPs, broadcasters, channel and content owners looking to provide global or local TV services on a managed network or OTT.

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Peter Cox
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