Parties With Less MPs Should Get Ample Time To Put Forth State Issues: PM Modi


During the all-party meeting on Saturday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi asserted that smaller parties (having fewer MPs in Parliament) should get ample amount of time to present their views and issues pertaining to their states, according to Union Minister of Parliamentary Affairs Pralhad Joshi.

While talking to the media, the Minister gave details about the all-party meeting.

“During all-party meetings, smaller parties demanded that they should get an ample amount of time to put forth issues pertaining to their states, to which PM Modi said that the government agrees to it. He urged all the big parties including BJP not to disrupt the house as when the house is disrupted, most of the harm is done to small political parties as their time gets deducted. PM Modi said that everyone should appeal that the house should continue to function without disruption,” Mr Joshi said.

Mr Joshi said that all-party meeting has been conducted in the presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Defence Minister Rajnath Singh.

“Almost all parties participated in the meeting. Opposition parties have demanded a discussion on Farm laws and farmers issues. We agreed. In the end, the Prime Minister said that the offer which has been given by Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar on January 22 still stands and the government is ready for the discussion on all issues,” Mr Joshi said.

The Prime Minister, Shri @narendramodi said that it is for the bigger parties to ensure Parliament functions smoothly, there are no disruptions and thus, the smaller parties are able to voice their views in Parliament.— Pralhad Joshi (@JoshiPralhad) January 30, 2021

Mr Joshi said that “In eleventh round of centre-farmer negotiation, we had said that government is open for discussion. Agriculture Minister had said that he is just a phone call away. Whenever you give a call he is ready for discussion. It still stands good. This is what PM said (in the all-party meet).”