Oxy Cabs changes the car rental business model; now drivers will keep full fare with them


With Oxy Cabs, the scenario of rental car service has been changed a lot. Now drivers can think of their full share, and keep 100% fare with them, contrary to the other cab services, charging 30-35 percent of what a driver earn. For example, if a driver earns Rs. 100, this whole amount of Rs 100 goes to drivers’ pocket. No commission will be charged from the driver, and of course, there is no target for driver is set to achieve. Oxy Cabs takes only a sum of Rs. 1000 monthly as a fee for the application. This is how Oxy cabs, a mobile technology and web platform based start up, has been the organization where trust and relation gets stronger with each ride.

Founded by Rahul Patni and Anup Jangid, with the vision to contribute in digital India and making Indian economy stronger, Oxy Cabs is an Indian cab service provider, enabling customers to book their rides in just few clicks.

Oxy Cabs changes the car rental business model; now drivers will keep full fare with them

Commenting on the facilities in Oxy Cabs, Mr. Rahul Patni, Co-founder, Oxy Cabs, said, “Through our exciting features in Oxy Cab, we focus on facilities for passengers too. While taking a great initiative towards women empowerment and promoting women drivers in the cabs, we are aimed to create a safer ride for the woman travelling alone. An Oxy Cab provides complimentary water bottle service to customers during rides with no hidden charges, which is for the first time in India. Besides, every cab will have generic medicines recommended by medical departments, in any incident during ride, without any separate charges by Oxy Cabs.”

Empowering Oxy Cabs drivers economically, Mr.Anup Jangid, Co-founder, Oxy Cabs informed, “The mission of Oxy Cabs is not providing only employment to drivers, but making them self-sufficient and independent also, and we encourage men as well as women drivers. We provide them proper driving skills to sustain smoothly in the market. Oxy Cabs also has loan facilities, by recognized banks and other financial institutes, for the driver who desires to be a part of the Oxy family and serve customers. We are expanding Oxy Cabs to Uttar Pradesh, and in cities like Jaipur, Delhi, Jodhpur, Kota and Udaipur.”

An Oxy Cab has its 100% equity only in India. This is special initiative to make Indian economy stronger. Being an Oxy Cabs service provider means whatever you are paying is not going outside of India and directly strengthens the Indian economy.


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