ONN Bikes to foray into dock-less Scooter Sharing


ONN Bikes to foray into dock-less Scooter Sharing

Mumbai : ONN Bikes, India’s fastest growing scooter/motorbike sharing start-up, has announced the launch of OTP based ‘Dock-less scooters’ from Bengaluru that will allow commuters to hire two-wheelers for point to point connectivity. ONN Bikes has been piloting this model for over two months in certain pockets and will soon introduce this service across all its service locations across India. The Dock-less service will further enhance last mile connectivity and provide commuters with an additional commute option that is efficient and affordable.

ONN Bikes to foray into dock-less Scooter Sharing

Namit Jain, Founder of ONN Bikes 


With the Dock-less service, commuters can rent two wheelers on the ONN Bikes app for a one way route and post the journey can park the vehicle at an accessible location for others to utilize the same service.

Namit Jain, Founder of ONN Bikes informs ‘Dock-less scooter sharing  service for point to point connectivity is the way forward for this industry.ONN Bikes launched the hourly rental model which became an instant hit with the metro population where people started using the service as an alternate to cab transport for one way commute. This is the perfect precedence for the launch of one way rentals and dock-less rental service’.

ONN Bikes has been one of the most innovative start-up to introduce commuter oriented services like hourly rental, short term leasing and ‘Rent to Own’ model for corporate houses and third party logistics service providers.

‘The Dock-less service has seen tremendous growth and acceptance in the last 4-5years in China and US. The focus is now shifting to Indian markets, where low cost transport still remains a major challenge. We expect this to be as successful in India, keeping in mind the dire need for an affordable urban commute model here. ’ adds Namit.

ONN Bikes to foray into dock-less Scooter Sharing


ONN Bikes Highlights:


·        Fastest to reach 3000 assets across 10 cities in India

·        Only company to have explored the B2B segment – monopoly in this space

·        Very low cash burns due to B2B segment and targeted marketing

·        Creating multiple modes of commute – intra-city, inter-city, short distance rides, long duration leasing model etc.

·        Rent – to – Own is a segment first feature. This model can change the buying dynamics of the Indian market

·        Operational Breakeven within 18 months of starting operations



ONN Bikes has been one of the most successful start-up in this segment that achieved operational breakeven with 18 months of its operations. The company is present across 10 locations in India with one of the biggest fleet of over 3000 two wheelers.

The company has seamlessly integrated technology to its operations to provide ease of two-wheeler renting for its consumers.

‘Technology is the backbone of this model. We have spent the last year and a half in research and trials of various technological models. The bikes in this model will not be the usual two wheelers; we are working towards something called as ‘smart bikes’. OTP based locking and unlocking, study of rider behavior pattern, impact analysis, geo-tagging, fool proof security systems, RFID based helmet detection system set care some of the features this smart bike will incorporate. Since inception, we have been working towards reducing the manual intervention in the whole process’ adds Shanky, CTO at ONN Bikes.

While some of the other companies have been trying to launch similar services since some time now, ONN Bikes has been in no hurry to introduce this model to its consumers. “We have been working on this model for the past few months, making sure we hit the road with the right GTM strategy. It is imperative to have the right product-market fit for this model, and we feel now is the right time for us to go live. Good infrastructure with hi-end technology, boosted with the right market strategy- everything seems to be in place for the launch.” Says AkashdeepSingal, CMO at ONN Bikes.


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