NutriOrg Will Retail Organic Products Through Its Own Stores : Karan


    Living healthy and disease-free is everyone’s prerogative and we are trying to achieve the same with our baby steps which culminated into our larger vision of Nutriorg, says Karan Singh Tomar, Founder and Director, Nutriorg. The family run company produces and markets nutritional products.

    In an interview with Karan talks about his brand and organic farming. Here are the excerpts-


    What inspired you to come up with Nutriorg?

    We started out with the urge to eating as natural as possible to lead a healthier and holistic lifestyle. We aligned our vision of living healthy by producing healthy product by tilling our own land, growing aloe vera and amla plants in the most organic way with no use of pesticides or toxins and monitoring the entire process under our watchful eyes. We firmly believe living healthy and disease-free is everyone’s prerogative and we are trying to achieve the same with our baby steps which culminated into our larger vision of Nutriorg.

    Would you like to describe your brand? How it differentiates from the rest of the organic brands already in the market?

    In simple words I would describe Nutriorg as Nutrition with Organics, which forms the very basis of what Nutriorg stands for. What separates us from others is that we have complete control of the entire process from growing the initial raw material to processing and manufacturing it, packaging it and eventually retailing it. Since we have complete control over this we have ensured that at Nutriorg every since step is duly followed and maintains utmost hygiene standards. The entire chain begins and end the organic way.

    How are you making sure that the produce are grown organically? Do you have any monitory system in place?

    Since we have complete control over the process we start the process by sourcing organic seeds and thereafter using traditional organic farming practices like using manure instead of chemical based fertilizer and pesticides. The entire process is monitored on a daily basis through our farm supervisor, whose job is to ensure that the process is methodically followed.

    You are also providing employment opportunities to women in Rajasthan. What made you do that? What are the challenges you faced during this and how did you overcome them?

    Since our farm is in a village near Jaipur in Rajasthan, we had to source local manpower to work on the farm as daily wage laborers and also the factory. Now the main challenge we faced was that the village had less of men folk since most of them had migrated to different cities in search for livelihood and the women folk majorly made up the populace of the village. The real challenge was to persuade them to come and work in the farm and factory on a daily basis as the village like many other traditional villages in India did not support women going out of their homes in search for work. We knew we had to break this monotony by encouraging them and providing them alternate means of safety and security therefore we started with PF (provident fund) system for women labour and manpower working in our farm and factory and ensuring they get a bright and economically secure future not only for themselves but also their children and family in the absence of men.

    Would you like to mention the sustainable procedures you use in your farms?

    We currently rely on Israeli technique of irrigation – the drip irrigation system for the farm produce. Apart from this since both are farm and factory are housed in the same area we ensured we relied on green energy therefore we employed solar panels in our farm to generate ample electricity for both our farm and factory needs. Besides this since we have negligible use of machinery inside our factory the water stored for cleaning, the raw materials brought freshly from the farm, channels back to the ground water storage outlet locally designed by us. This water is then reused through drip irrigation back in the farm.

    What are your future plans?

    Our future plans are to retail our brand of organic products through our own stores, wherein we will also sell other grocery items and make it a complete one stop shop for your food related needs, in our initial scheme of things we will begin soon with our store opening in Gurugram.


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