Number of free symbols reaches 198


Bhopal : March , 2019 : Symbols are allocated to the candidates in Lok Sabha and Assembly elections and by-elections. The recognized national and state political parties are allocated symbols reserved for them. Whereas a list of free symbols is notified by the Commission for allotment to registered and non-accredited political parties and independent candidates.

The number of free symbols notified by the Commission in the previous assembly election 2018 was 162. On March 9, 2019, 37 new free symbols have been listed by a Commission notification after removing the “farmer ploughing in the field’ symbol. Thus, the total number of free symbols is 198.

Number of free symbols reaches 198

Among the 37 new free symbols, apple, sugarcane farmer, helicopter, man playing trumpet, bread toaster, CCTV camera, computer, computer mouse, door handle, earrings, football, ginger, lady purse, hand cart, sand watch, jackfruit, kettle, football player, kitchen sink, laptop, Ludo, pen drive, TV remote, robot, rubber seal, ship, sitar, shutter, sofa, spanner, stumps, switch board, javelin throw, extractor, tube light, water tank and soup have been included.


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